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Future artist drawing inspiration model to create sketch in art class program, learning new skills for personal development. Artistic creation on canvas in educational classroom.

Inter-generational Art Class: Learning Drawing Skills for Personal Growth

Young students studying online using a tablet communication program from home due to COVID

Close up of african american inmate prisoner hands in prison jail classroom 4k

interactive educational program with using HMD-display, woman is wearing VR headset in home, gesticulating by hands

Loving same-sex parents and adorable baby learning about fruits and vegetables online at home


Delft, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands, December 16th, 2023: Tu delft university building. EWI building.

Caring father and joyful preschooler bonding with laptop for educational programs

Clever student in headphones taking online educational program on laptop

Caucasian prisoner white inmate in prison classroom jail class room education 4k

Senior man teaching art students to draw artwork on canvas, attending creative workshop to explain drawing practice technique. Educational program to learn new artistic skills, creating sketch.


Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany, December 28th, 2023: Leibniz University Hannover. Building exterior aerial drone view.

Young person observing older student sketching a vase in an educational art workshop to enhance personal growth and skill development.

Student creating vase drawing on canvas, developing artistic skills at educational program. Art school lesson to draw modern artwork sketch in workshop. Tripod shot.

Artist teaching drawing practice in educational workshop. Artistic class to develop skills and sketch on canvas.

Happy schoolboy Learning lessons. Woman in meet her child boy from school and hugs him. Family lovely concept. Educational school program

Close up of african american inmate prisoner hands in prison jail classroom 4k

Teacher and team of students talking about vase drawing on canvas, attending art school program to learn new practice skills. Educational lesson to draw modern sketch for growth. Tripod shot

Caucasian prisoner old white inmate in prison classroom jail class room education 4k

Young Man Learning to Draw Vase Model at Educational Program

Loving same-sex parents bonding with adorable toddler daughter in kitchen

African american woman with disability attending art class program to develop drawing skills for educational growth. Creative lesson in wheelchair to draw artistic vase design on canvas.

Portrait of elder woman drawing masterpiece on canvas, learning artistic skills in art class workshop. Educational program to develop personal growth and draw professional sketch model.

Artist teaching art student to draw sketch at creative workshop, explaining artistic vision in class. Educational program to develop drawing skills and practice on canvas. Handheld shot

Artistic Workshop: Learning to Draw Sketches on Canvas

Senior person attending art class program to learn drawing on canvas and to develop artistic skills for personal growth. Educational workshop to practice sketch creativity with pencil.

Hilversum, 8th of February 2023, The Netherlands. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is an audiovisual archive with museum functions located in the North Holland town of Hilversum.

Portrait of senior artist teaching drawing technique at workshop, using art school program to explain artistic hobby. Educational class to draw creative sketch on canvas. Handheld shot

Portrait of senior man learning to draw sketch on canvas, attending art class lesson to develop drawing skills as new years resolutions. Educational program to create artistic vision and imagination.

Senior artist greeting students attending art class lesson to teach artistic and drawing skills on canvas. Educational program to draw professional sketch and masterpiece for personal growth.

Young woman creating art at educational program

Art Class: Observing Artists in Action, Learning Creative Skills