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Doctor give resuscitation to dying patient closeup. Cardiac massage in hospital. Unknown medical workers team making cpr artificial respiration to sick man in hospital ward. Clinic staff saving life.

Medium shot of a nurse murdering an elderly male patient by turning off ECG and pulling off nasal cannula

Close up of ill or injured senior man in ambulance with oxygen mask for breathing. Male patient with coronavirus in hospital


Dry Seashells on a Grass

Man lying in a hospital bed grasping his chest experiencing severe pain having some difficulty breathing and possibly suffering from a heart attack

Morgue - side profile of feet on gurney in hospital HD

Morgue - sheet over man head on gurney HD

Man lies unconscious in the desert

Doctor performing cpr in emergency unit room. Nurse assisting with oxygen mask. Confident african american man surgeon doing heart massage to dying patient in hospital. Medical staff doing first aid.

Green trees with moss in forest. Action. Dying forest with moss-covered trees. Bare tree branches covered with green moss in forest

Dead patient surgeon doctor covering face on bed finished operate, Medical surgical doctor team performing surgery patient on operating room in hospital, surgery failed concept

Covered dead body in hospital room closeup. Unsuccessful surgical treatment. Unknown patient lying under white sheet after failed operation clinic ward. Medical tools locating on unrecognized corpse

Adult son holding hand of hopelessly ill mother and crying


Process of dyeing hair at hair salon

An elderly man holds his older mother's hand on a sofa dolly shot in 4k

A man in the desert drinks his last water

Morgue - putting sheet over man head on gurney HD

Slow motion close up of a man drowning in water - in a swimming pool, lake, or ocean with a high shutter speed


Stylist applying coloring dye on woman hair

An elderly patient wakes up coming out of a coma. Open your eyes while lying on a bed in a hospital connected In the Hospital Sick Male Patient Sleeps on the Bed, .

Dead Guy Against Wall

Harvesting time. A field of ripe sunflowers. Harvest sunflower seeds in autumn. Dry stalk of a sunflower close-up view on a field.

Time-lapse of dying red Valentino rose 4x2 with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background

Morgue - dead female body on gurney HD

Exhausted man in a desert

Expert is using a spraying gun to paint metal pieces at a painting factory facility. Clip. Professional hand spray painting of a metal part

Asian Senior Couple Husband Sad Worry While Visit Dying Disease Wife In Hospital Uncondition Love

Asian Elderly Senior Couple Waiting For Doctor To Come in hospital

Morgue feet on gurney with toe tag low angle

Dead fall leaf in winter

Morgue - pan across body on gurney to feet and toe tag HD


Concept of drowning human POV. Defocused background of ocean underwater, water splashes and blue sky.

Morgue - toe tag pan to corpse on gurney HD

Morgue - tilt up from feet and toe tag male feet HD

People and social issues, drug, alcohol and prostitution

Time-lapse of dying Red Naomi rose 2x3 in 4K PNG+ format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background

A statue of Medusa seems to be crying out in horror.

Professional hairdresser color hair girls

Professional hairdresser color hair girls. Close-up.

Zoom in shot of teenage African American girl lying on floor in bedroom with scattered pills and dying from overdose while commiting suicide at home

Hands holding a bird

A 90 year old woman talking and listening on a cordless land line phone in 4k

Feet of a man walking through the desert

Man Getting Shocked And Electrocuted

Doctor paramedic in ppe saving life of old man from coronavirus in ambulance. Medic giving oxygen to patient. Reanimation. Medical work

Harvesting time. A field of ripe sunflowers. Harvest sunflower seeds in autumn. Dry stalk of a sunflower close-up view on a field.

Low angle view of small bird sitting on old dried tree, closeup. Drone flying around tree against blue sky at daytime. Natural scenery of

A 90 year old woman listening and talking on a land line, cordless, phone at her home while rubbing her eye in 4k dolly shot