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Close-up of shirt hanging in process of steaming while female hand holding it on during professional dry-cleaning in salon. Skillful woman employee cleaning clothes using steamer to remove dirt

Close-up of men's suit jacket hanging during packing in polyethylene after dry-cleaning in salon. Special equipment packing clean clothes on hangers at the end of professional dry cleaning

Midsection of female worker standing at workplace with professional dry cleaning tools removing dirt from woman's jacket. Skillful employee spraying clothes with chemical stain remover and using dryer

Ironing in Dry Cleaning Shop

Close-up of shirt hanging in process of delicate ironing while female employee hands using steam iron. Skillful woman worker steaming clothes using professional equipment

Midsection of employee holding professional dry cleaning tool firstly steaming and then drying woman's cardigan. Female worker using steamer to remove stains from clothes in process of dry cleaning


Woman steams plaid jacket with electric steamer at home. Dry cleaning clothes. Household and home equipment for housework.

Woman using steamer to clean clothes in dry-cleaning salon

Handheld tracking of delivery person in face mask and gloves delivering dry cleaning to customer, then giving her receipt to sign

A young African-American, cheerful young man works at work, a student earns money at the car wash of expensive cars, a man wipes the seat

Ironing In Dry Cleaning Shop 4

young african american and european work at work, dry cleaning car interior, work between races, young black leather student earns at car

Close-up of female worker careful hands holding and pulling garment during steaming using professional equipment in dry-cleaning. Woman employee steaming clothing working with special machine

Close-up of hanging men's suit jacket during process of packaging in polyethylene in dry-cleaning. Work of professional equipment packing cleaned clothes on hangers finishing process of dry clean

Cleaning Clothes in Wardrobe Room at Home: Closeup of Young Woman Tending to Cotton Jacket


man in uniform of cleaning service vacuuming comfortable sofa during cleaning up contemporary house


Woman putting clothes in trunk modern automobile sunny day. Confident businesswoman hide elegant suit in luxury car. Beautiful business lady

Chemical stain remover sprayed and dried on fabric of stained clothes in professional dry cleaning salon, close-up on spray and dryer in worker's hand. Female employee using dry cleaning equipment

close-up of car wash workers, two workers wipe the interior of the car from dirt and germs, detailed interior decoration dry cleaning

A young African-American man in work clothes works at a car wash, brushes the seat of an expensive car, applies chemicals to the leather

Special chemical detergent applied on jacket sleeve using spray device and dried using hand steam dryer in dry cleaning salon. Close-up of worker's hand holding dryer under sprayed stain on clothes

Slow motion shot Asian woman cleaning bedroom with steam vapor cleaner, Housewife cleaning house for good family healthcare

Close-up of female employee careful hands inspecting suit jacket from inside out in process of work in dry cleaning salon. Woman worker checking client's blazer before taking in dry clean

Close-up of female employee careful hands putting clothes in big indusrial washing machine after manual dry cleaning. Professional machine washing of woman's jacket in dry-cleaning salon

Handheld tracking of man in face mask delivering dry cleaning to cheerful woman and handing her clipboard and pen to leave signature

Close-up of spinning drum of loaded with clothing industrial washing machine working in dry-cleaning salon, foam flowing on glass. Big laundry machine washing dirty clothes after manual dry cleaning

Responsible young man-worker cleaning company vacuuming sofa in contemporary kitchen-studio, close up

A black African American man works in a car dry cleaner, a joyful man cleans a leather car seat

Spinning drum of loaded industrial washing machine in dry-cleaning salon, close-up on vibration of centrifuge. Big laundry machine spinning washed clothes after manual dry cleaning

Close-up of industrial dry-cleaning equipment steaming hanging suit clothes. Female employee hand loading pants in steam box after jacket, special machine steaming hanging garment in dry cleaning

Women's jumper lying on special machine during steaming in dry-cleaning salon, close-up on steam rising in air. Industrial equipment steaming clothes needed delicate care after dry cleaning

Attractive African American guy. Face shot close up, young black man smiling at camera. Dry cleaning of the car. student works at work

Close-up of jacket and pants hanging in apparatus for steaming during professional dry cleaning. Female worker hand loading jacket in steam box after pants, industrial equipment steaming hanging suit

Handheld tracking of cheerful woman opening her front door and receiving dry cleaning from delivery man in face mask and gloves, then signing receipt and walking inside house


Woman steams plaid jacket with electric steamer at home. Dry cleaning clothes. Household and home equipment for housework.

Cleaning service professional using vacuum cleaner on light green sofa

Close-up of female worker hands loading silk blouse into industry washing machine in dry-cleaning salon. Separate wash needed for expensive clothes provided by laundry service of dry cleaning

dry cleaning the car interior, close-up of an African-American man wiping the car's panel with microfiber, shooting in the car interior

Car wash, two workers in black T-shirts wipe the car parts from dirt, Deep body cleaning, Dry cleaning, people at work

Dry cleaning of the interior of a luxury car, cleaning of an expensive car, close-up cleaning with a brush from dirt of the panel from dust

Skilled cleaner in uniform vacuuming sofa during house cleaning

A man in a black T-shirt chemically cleans the panel of an expensive car. Dry cleaning of cars. Cleaning parts with a brush from dirt

Footage of a person cleaning a mattress with a steam cleaner...

Using a manual steamer for ironing clothes. Close up of female hands ironing white shirt with steam

Close up of small manual steamer for ironing clothes on blurred background of a room.

Handheld tracking of man in face mask and gloves delivering dry cleaning to woman in suburban house on sunny summer day


Woman steams plaid jacket with electric steamer at home. Dry cleaning clothes. Household and home equipment for housework.

Midsection of woman employee holding professional steam iron near hanging pleated shirt needed delicate contactless ironing. Female worker steaming clothes finishing process of dry cleaning