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Obedient big dog walk with owner in slow motion 4K

A part time asian handsome dog walker squatting down stroking on black Labrador puppy, dog obedience training, petting big dog and animal behavior controlling, a well trained dog on waiting command

Dog walker with dogs enjoying in park. Walking dog servise in park training

Midsection of unrecognizable blind man with white cane and guide dog walking on pavement in city. Slow motion.

Man and dog walk together in middle of road. Young male traveller with red hiking backpack walk on empty scenic road with best friend basenji puppy. Inspiring travel video with pets

Beautiful dog walks on a leash outdoors


Jack russel dog walks through the grass glade in the park in slowmotion, 4k Prores

Loving Couple With Pet Dog Walking Along Path Through Trees In Countryside

Young female with retriever dog walking leisurely on the path at sunset

Dog is timidly walking on a dog walk plank. Leashed chihuahua is timidly walking on a dog walk plank.

A young strong Labrador dog walking with leach around neighborhood street on sunset, well trained dog, pet training and care, walking dog around blocks, relaxing mood, warm feeling of human and animal

Dog walker with dogs enjoying in park. Walking dog servise in park training


Close up view of Carefree girl is playing on the tablet. Lies on the grass near the house, the sun illuminates her hair, dog walks nearby

Woman feet walking the dog in the park forest. travel concept. Slow motion view

Active Multi-Generation Family With Dog Walking Along Autumn Beach

Dog walk on a leash along the Autumn Yellow Forest Park Path

Close up of ginger border collie dog and his owner training outside the street. Woman playing wit her doggy. Domestic animals, togetherness and friendship lifestyle. Dog walking between legs

Couple With Two Big Dogs Walking In Park Leg Shot

pretty woman and her husky dog are walking at morning, young lady is keeping hound on leash and going over streets in city at summer

Golden Retriever Dog Walking In Forest Alone With Ball

Slow Motion of Small white dog walking in the Park on the green Grass. Great weather for a walk. Small dog running Outdoor while enjoying and having Fun. West Highland white Terrier

Old Golden retriever happily chases camera. Closeup of dog excited to go for a walk with elderly lady owner. Woman and her dog walking on country road.

Dog walks on a leash

rear male with dog walk at dawn

Adorable cute brown basenji dog with red bandana collar run on forest trail towards camera on sunny summer day. Getaway hiking or trekking trip with pet dog. Outdoor lifestyle concept

Lonely Golden Retriever Dog Walking Across Bridge

Happy young man sitting, resting and using smarthpone during dog walk outdoors in town, looking at camera.

Petting dog activity, low angle shot of male owner and black labrador retriever walking outside together, energetic puppy sniffing smell on ground, leashing dog walking in summer nature evening vibe

Handheld tracking with low angle of young man and woman in face masks walking their Jack Russell Terrier dog walking in park on sunny summer day and chatting

A young dog walking in a forest

Woman with cute dog walking on bridge in park

Morning walk with a dog

Hunter with dog walking through forest 4k

Golden Retriever Dog Walking With Owner Along Forest Path In Summer

Owner and dog on leash walk on gravel footpath. Low angle view of cute Labrador dog with female person on a walk around nature on a cloudy day.

Dog walking near legs of owner at summer day. Side view of cute little cream-colored Pomeranian dog outdoors at summertime

Morning walk with a dog

Multi-Cultural Family With Pet Dog Walking Along Beach Shoreline On Winter Vacation

Beautiful dog walks on a leash outdoors

family, pet, animal and people concept - happy couple with labrador retriever dog walking in city park

Woman walk out dog in city. Walk with husky dog on autumn days concept video. Owner walk with dog enjoy outdoors during pandemic. Big white dog on red leash in slow motion. Concept of training animals

Beige cocker spaniel standing on evening lawn in autumn park on yellow foliage background. Beige cocker spaniel dog walking on autumn lawn in city park

Terrier dog running on the beach and fetching a stick, beautiful sunset and a great dog walk. Slow motion video, full HD.

Full shot of happy Asian woman sitting on floor and entertaining toddler on swing on indoor playground, twin kids standing on slide, ball pit in background, and small pet dog walking by

Yard white Dog walking on the Street and Resting.

Dog on the leash walking on the grass and sniffing something.

Woman feet walking the dog in the park forest. travel concept. Slow motion

Senior Couple With Pet Golden Retriever Dog Walking In Autumn Countryside