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Midsection shot of mature doctor giving handshake and explaining something to male patient during medical consultation in clinic

Doctor shakes hands with a patient. Top view

doctor greets patient and talks

Surgeon doctor handshake. Close up of medical handshake. Surgeon team congratulation after successful operation. Medical handshake concept

Slowmo of African American soldier in military uniform and Caucasian male doctor shaking hands greeting each other at appointment at modern doctors office


Tilt up of senior doctor giving handshake to male patient, reading his medical history and speaking during consultation in clinic

Young Asian doctor greeting female patient with handshake and listening to her at desk in modern office

Mid-section shot of female patient giving clipboard with medical agreement to senior doctor and shaking hands with him during consultation in clinic

medicine, healthcare, people and cardiology concept - group of doctors greeting by handshake and discussing cardiogram with medical report at hospital


Tilt up shot of Caucasian male doctor giving handshake to woman and speaking with her while his mixed raced female colleague writing prescription during consultation in medical office

Two hands are shaking: the doctor's and the patient's

Senior Couple Arriving For Hospital Consultation With Male Doctor Shaking Hands

doctor paient shake hands

Doctors hands shaking

Midsection shot of mature blonde woman giving shaking hands with female doctor, giving her medical documents for signing and talking while sitting together at desk in clinic


Unrecognizable man and woman in uniform shaking hands standing in hospital corridor. Caucasian doctor and nurse handshaking indoors in medical clinic hallway. Colleagues support concept.

Close-up of handshake of Caucasian people in white robes. Medical workers shaking hands. Healthcare. medicine.

healthcare and medicine concept - group of doctors greeting by handshake and discussing cardiogram with medical report at hospital


Male patient greeting senior doctor with handshake and signing medical service agreement while visiting clinic


Tilt down shot of Caucasian man signing medical service agreement and giving handshake to doctor during healthcare consultation in clinic

Medical professional at work

Multi ethnic team of successful doctors finishing clinical trials on computer with handshake in modern office

Handsome positive retired bearded man handshaking with smiling experienced successful bearded doctor thanking for help in treatment in modern clinic office


Young Caucasian man signing health service agreement and giving handshake to senior doctor while visiting medical office

Male doctor with good bedside manners comforting a female patient holding her hand with both of his hands in slow motion

Close up handheld shot of three multi ethnic professionals in lab coats shaking hands when greeting each other in office

Handshake of doctor and patient in hospital. Smiling Caucasian woman and African American man shaking hands after consultation. Positive physician treating ill guy. Medicine and health care.

Portrait of good-looking confident experienced mixed race doctors in masks which greeting each other with handshakes during briefing in boardroom,concept of work in terms covid-19


Young female doctor sitting at desk, greeting woman with handshake, reading her medical history and giving consultation during workday in clinic

Tilt down of cheerful mature female dietician in lab coat talking and shaking hands with overweight patient

Mature Male Patient Arriving For Appointment Shaking Hands With Doctor In Office

Close up tracking shot of senior doctor and female patient sitting at desk, talking, signing medical agreement and shaking hands

Satisfied experienced multiethnic male and female doctors shaking hands with one another after joint symposium in hospital

Unrecognizable doctors shaking hands at the hospital


Tilt down shot of cheerful middle aged blonde woman shaking hands with female doctor at desk, giving her medical history and discussing healthcare problems in clinic


Satisfied patient shaking hands with doctor after coronavirus vaccination in hospital. Smiling positive Caucasian man and woman in face masks handshaking in medical clinic vaccination center.

Close up of a male doctor in a white lab coat wearing a stethoscope shaking hands with a female patient in slow motion

Doctor Greeting Mature Female Patient As She Arrives For Appointment In Office

young asian mother and son meeting and talking to doctor in hospital or clinic hallway


Intelligent Caucasian doctors shaking hands standing in hospital ward with ill patient. Young professional woman handshaking with colleague leaving as man turning to sick man in bed. Consultation.

Happy smiling male doctor greeting a female patient in an exam room during a medical office visit while holding a digital tablet

Mature Female Patient Shaking Hands With Doctor Sitting At Desk In Office

Senior doctor shaking hands with his colleague at the hospital

Medium shot of two people in lab coats shaking hands and talking when sitting at desk during meeting in office

husband and wife talk to Hispanic woman doctor


Middle aged female doctor putting on glasses, reading medical history of male patient and giving consultation to him while working in clinic


Middle aged Caucasian woman shaking hands with female doctor, sitting at desk, giving her medical history and having consultation in clinic


Midsection shot of professional female doctor in lab coat shaking hands and speaking with male patient during consultation in medical office