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Angry handsome businessman tearing up a document, contract or agreement with You sitting in office armchair. Paper pieces. Termination docs with clients by company concept.

A young man and boss loses control of a meeting while his coworkers throw paper at him. He waves paper and shouts at them in frustration and puts his hands on his hips in a plan white office space.

Group of aggressive teenagers mocking nerd sad boy in high school corridor. Teenage Caucasian boys and girls laughing at bullied stressed classmate. Adolescence aggression concept.

Desperate young mother feeling annoyed of naughty small daughter.

Teen girl warn for being late and walks away

Portrait of frustrated teenage girl walking down stairs in public school with boys mocking at background. Bullied Caucasian nerd schoolgirl suffering bullying in high school. Disrespect concept.

Wide shot of daughter and father arguing at chromakey background. Caucasian man sitting as teenage girl standing and gesturing no by shaking head. Disagreement, adolescence.

Annoyed young Caucasian woman listening to her mother scolding her from the background. Daughter and mom having communication problems, difficult relationship, misunderstanding.

Portrait of sad bullied Caucasian boy looking at camera as classmates laughing at the background. Hopeless high school student and mocking friends. Disrespect and adolescence concept.

Side view of adult Caucasian pretty girl holding hands on ears as senior woman yelling at the background. Family relationship, problem, confrontation, ignoring.

Close-up face of displeased Caucasian woman turning to camera and looking with disdain expression. Portrait of beautiful brunette girl expressing contempt. Attitude, emotion, feeling, lifestyle.

Close-up face of beautiful Caucasian girl with brown eyes ignoring her mother talking at the background. Adult daughter having relationship problems with mom. Misunderstanding, negativism.

Stressed Caucasian boy closing ears with hands as angry friends yelling at front. Aggressive high school students arguing in corridor indoors. Adolescent conflict and anger concept.

Camera follows Caucasian teenager walking up stairs meeting high school bullies. Aggressive teenagers bullying and threatening classmate in corridor. Disrespect and psychological pressure concept.

Woman with suspicious face. Old lady with crossed arms. Know your circle.

Close-up portrait of scared bullied redhead boy sitting on stairs shaking. Frightened insulted Caucasian high school student hiding from bullies in public school. Mocking and bullying.

Teenage schoolgirls arguing with schoolboys in corridor. Side view of confident adolescent Caucasian girls and boys standing indoors talking and making faces. Conflict and lifestyle concept.

Headshot of frightened frustrated bullied high school student crying as classmates shaking him. Close-up portrait of sad depressed scared Caucasian boy suffering bullying in public school.

Wide shot of stressed bullied redhead teenager sitting on high school stairs and thinking. Portrait of desperate hopeless Caucasian teen student hiding from bullies indoors. Bullying concept.

Bored, restless, antsy, female patient sighing and waiting to be seen by a doctor in an exam room

Male nurse, physicians assistant, or surgeon wearing blue scrubs interrupting a female patient talking to her male doctor while the woman continues talking and looks annoyed

Side view of angry teenagers arguing and fighting in school corridor. Two Caucasian students pushing and hitting. Adolescent learners fight indoors. Anger and adolescence concept.

Teenage girl showing tongue to unrecognizable father gesturing. Caucasian daughter in headphones ignoring parent. Conflict of generations concept. Chromakey, green screen.

Portrait of young Caucasian girl at the foreground and elder woman blaming her at the background. Daughter and mother quarrelling indoors. Relationship problems, conflict, crisis.

Teenage schoolgirls walking after classmate down the stairs and laughing. Female friends bullying nerd schoolboy. Teen bullies mocking smart Caucasian high school student. Discipline concept.

Nerd teenage girl walking up stairs as boys following and laughing. Portrait of beautiful bullied Caucasian high school student and bullies in public school. Behavior concept.

Unconfident teenager waiting classmates in high school corridor, girls looking at boy with disgust and leaving. Adolescent Caucasian schoolgirls ignoring schoolboy. Bullying and ignorance.

Plastic bottles littering the coast line of a deserted beach and in the ocean

Ok Boomer Dismissive Disrespectful Generational Check Mark Box 3 D Animation

Ok Boomer Dismissive Disrespectful Generational Speech Bubble 3 D Animation