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Apothecary weighs herbs to mix the medicine

lab tech looks at blood sample on slide and places it in the microscope 4k

Macro Shot Of Lab Tech Placing A Blood Sample On A Bightly Lit Microscope Slide

Hotel style beverage dispensers in a row, out of focus people cross backdrop

rack focus from on scientist to another using pipette 4k

cdc or biohazad lab technician looking at a sample

lab tech using pipette

lab tech checking samples

lab tech puts samples in vials

pharmacist pouring out prescription pills onto a glass table

Close-up slow motion clip of a man dispensing foamy shaving cream into the palm of his hand

narcotic pack in plastic small doses. Laboratory assistant digital tablet entering notes. legally people wearing in white lab coat weigh and dispense the white powder into packets

Man holds an empty glass as it fills with ice-cubes from a fridge ice dispenser.

Hand pumps liquid soap out of a plastic dispenser and pulls it out of frame - close up

Man using machine specially designed to dispense and package coffee to offer high quality of product and conserve it incredible tasty aroma.

scientist using a pipette and microscope in his lab

Scientist working with a microscope in laboratory 4k

closeup scientist using a pipette 4k

macro of a blood sample being placed under a microscope 4k

CSI lab tech taking samples

Women's hands using wash hand sanitizer gel pump dispenser in asian indian train, tourist on vacation, protection from coronavirus

lab tech looking at a blood sample under the microscope 4k

Pharmacist Pouring White Tablets On A Glass Table

lab tech places a blood sample under a microscope 4k

CSI or lab tech putting fiber sample in vial

macro shot of CSI or lab tech putting sample in a vial

Scientist using a pipette

Chemist using a pipette to collect a sample

Close-up - the scientist dispense the fluid into a test-tubes

lab tech looks at samples under microscope

dolly scientist in lab using a pipette and microscope 4k

Scientist working with a microscope in laboratory