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Young bored businessman in the office

Sad businessman sitting on armchair and talking with bored therapist

Bored girlfriend yawning sitting in pub with boyfriend watching football soccer match talking. Portrait of disinterested Caucasian young woman dating with enthusiastic man sports fan in bar indoors.

Bearded young man being bored and disinterested. Not interesting. Boring and not important. Being ignorant in a conversation.

Loving woman talking to man as husband putting on headphones ignoring wife. Portrait of stressed sad Caucasian wife trying solve relationship difficulties and husband disregarding spouse.

Bored exhausted Caucasian schoolboy turning to camera sighing as blurred schoolgirl writing on chalkboard at background. Cute brunette boy tired of lessons. Boredom and exhaustion.

Close-up portrait of bored teenage African American girl yawning on green screen. Beautiful teenager looking at camera at chromakey background. Boredom and tiredness concept.

Relaxed Middle Eastern little boy sitting with feet on table and messaging online on smartphone. Bored schoolboy misbehaving on remote video chat. Lifestyle and education concept.

Bored Caucasian teenage boy sighing sitting in restaurant with blurred couple of parents talking at background. Portrait of disinterested adolescent teenager indoors. Slow motion.

Multi-ethnic group of friends sitting in a restaurant and looking at each of the boredom in your phone

Absorbed wife surfing social media on smartphone ignoring husband gesturing shouting at background in bedroom. Portrait of disinterested Caucasian woman disregard man yelling at home indoors.

Sad Caucasian man sighing looking at camera sitting in restaurant with woman and boy. Portrait of bored unloving husband father on weekend with family posing indoors in slow motion.

Portrait of bored redhead hipster daughter sitting at table listening to unrecognizable elegant mother scolding. Unhappy Caucasian millennial woman arguing with wealthy parent at home indoors.

Portrait of bored young slim woman sitting in cafe with friends talking. Disinterested Caucasian brunette lady meeting happy couple in restaurant. Lifestyle and friendship.

Tired African American man yawning standing at college campus with books and empty thermos. Portrait of sleepless exhausted young student outdoors in the morning. Education and lifestyle.

Young woman in eyeglasses arguing with twin sister sitting on stairs looking at camera sighing. Portrait of dissatisfied Caucasian slim beautiful woman posing as sibling talking gesturing.

Woman With Long Hair and Beautiful Eyes on a Green Background Shows the Different Human Emotions. Lady Portrays Apathy

Bored Middle Eastern man sighing waiting for Caucasian friend playing video game online. Portrait of disinterested guy with blurred man gaming at front. Lifestyle and leisure concept.

Bored Caucasian teenage girl yawning sitting on city street with college groupmates surfing social media on smartphones. Portrait of disinterested device addicted students outdoors on bench.

Back view close-up man putting on headphones ignoring woman yelling at background gesturing. Tired Caucasian husband disregarding wife screaming. Misunderstanding and relationship difficulties.

Furious aggressive man yelling gesturing at woman putting on headphones. Portrait of angry Caucasian husband arguing with wife at home indoors. Ignorance and conflicts concept.

4K compilation (montage) - group of nine people act bored - green screen

Bored beautiful businesswoman sitting in the office

Portrait of bored Caucasian husband ignoring unrecognizable wife gesturing yelling. Unhappy man sitting on bed surfing Internet on tablet in bedroom as furious woman shouting scolding spouse indoors.


Bored Caucasian schoolgirl sitting at desk putting head on table falling asleep. Portrait of tired exhausted student in eyeglasses indoors in college with books and teddy bear. Studying and tiredness.

Man busy on phone ignoring help of counselor

Portrait of egoistic wife with vainglorious facial expression surfing social media on smartphone as blurred husband screaming gesturing at background. Disinterested Caucasian woman ignoring man.

Man talking to woman distracting spouse from social media on smartphone. Irritated wife ignoring husband surfing Internet. Device addiction and relationship problems concept.

Irritated bored teenage girl rolling eyes gesturing saying bla-bla on green screen. Portrait of annoyed African American teenager posing at chromakey background.

rack focus to man standing in kitchen in deep thought or depressed 4k

Portrait of embarrassed woman turning looking at camera gesturing as cheerful husband and son having fun at background sitting in restaurant. Dissatisfied confused Caucasian mother wife indoors.

Bored tired young man sitting in restaurant with women talking. Portrait of brunette Caucasian guy tired of female friends. Lifestyle and boredom concept.

Close-up bored sad little person sitting at desk in college with blurred lecturer talking at background. Portrait of disinterested Caucasian female student studying in classroom. Boredom and education.

1 Bored Partners Ignoring Each Other With Mobile Phones

Side view man ignoring yelling woman as wife snatching tablet from husband hands. Stressed Caucasian couple arguing in bedroom at home indoors. Irritability and conflicts concept.

Portrait of funny African American schoolgirl using online lesson on laptop showing Help sign looking at camera. Tired disinterested cute girl exhausted of remote education with father at background.

Close-up bored teenage boy yawning looking back at happy parents dining in restaurant. Portrait of unhappy Caucasian brunette handsome teenager posing indoors in slow motion. Boredom and family.

Wide shot of irritated young Caucasian woman approaching to Asian colleague listening music in headphones and banging fist on table. Shooting through doorway of multiethnic coworkers conflict in office.

Concentrated young Middle Eastern male teacher in eyeglasses writing on blackboard and talking in slow motion as bored schoolboy misbehaving at front. Tutor teaching boy in school classroom.

Narcissistic slim beautiful woman sitting on bed as unrecognizable furious man yelling gesturing. Portrait of egoistic Caucasian wife ignoring angry husband scolding spouse in bedroom.

Brunette Caucasian schoolboy crying at desk in classroom. Portrait of upset overwhelmed boy sitting in school indoors. Education problems and sadness concept.

Close-up sad unhappy Caucasian teenage boy looking at camera closing face as blurred parents resting in restaurant at background. Upset adolescent ignored teenager posing indoors in slow motion.

Portrait of annoyed African American teen girl making facepalm gesture and looking at camera on green screen. Irritated adolescent teenager posing at chromakey background.

A young beautiful woman is bored - face closeup - white background

Bored bored businesswoman eating snack in the office

Side view of bored disinterested African American teen student yawning sitting with feet on table ignoring online lesson. Disobedient relaxed teenage girl surfing social media on remote education.

Disinterested young men with shocked facial expression listening to blurred woman talking. Caucasian friends chatting meeting in vintage coffee shop at lunch in 1980s. Friendship and ignoring.

Portrait of carefree Asian beautiful woman in headphones ignoring colleagues as unrecognizable Caucasian coworker banging fist on conference table. Disinterested employee in office.