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Plugging Socket In and Out

Plugging and unplugging a power adapter.

green concept unplugging coffee maker

Two cute girls unplug an electric cord and then give the thumbs up and they disconnect it

Hand unplugging the charger from cell phone

Power surge protector extension cord

green concept wide shot unplugging coffee maker

Unplug electric wire from graphic card. Close up shot of person unplugging personal computer graphic card from power supply.


Computer solid state drive upgrade, diagnosing breakdowns. Technician detaches laptop hard drive ssd repairing it in service center workshop, hands closeup. He unscrews bolts in computer screwdriver.


Repairs and diagnostics breakdowns of laptop in professional service center. Electronic master detach accumulator of laptop in workshop, hands closeup. He unscrews battery from notebook screwdriver.

Unplug electric car charging cord connector. Unrecognizable man unplugging electric car. Electrical power filling compete and cable disconnected

A hand cuts a coax cable television cord.

Plugging In Ethernet Cable in Laptop Detail Closeup

green concept unplugging curling iron

Green concept unplugging toaster.

HDMI Cable Install

macro removing the USB memory stick from the computer

plugging in and unplugging a usb connector

Electrician gathers LAN cable together. He has dirty hands and clothes.

Young guy in coat searches a signal of network on his smartphone in park


Unplugging usb cable from external hard drive 4k

Young Black Man Exploring Outdoors Climate And Nature Disconnect Concept

Woman typing on the laptop then plugging the cord in the computer at her desk


Technician works in service center. Repairman detaches power supply repairs computer monoblock in workshop. He disconnects wires, takes out and puts detail on table, continues to diagnose monitor.


Repairs and diagnostics breakdowns of computer monoblock in professional service center. Electronic technician detach RAM memory from monoblock in repair workshop disconnects wires, hands closeup.

The lines and lights on the modem router for wifi connection . Animation of the power scale of the router signal. 4K.

Hand unplugging a USB Type A cord from an adapter or hub - close up

Plug / unplug USB cable to laptop. USB connection, socket closeup

Television static noise and a black screen at the time of channel switching, black, white

Router routing data over Ethernet in the company data center.

Disconnect Cable from Usb Connection Port of Laptop

Man Disconnecting Outdoors Admiring Nature Looking At Tree

Footage Wi-Fi router green icons blinking close up

Hiking Outside Looking At Nature Sustainability And Environmentalism Concept

Removing RCA cables from tv

Drone hits high voltage power lines and crashes. Aerial quadcopter shooting highway in the countryside collides in mid-are and falls to the ground.

Hand plugging the charger into cell phone. USB data cable connecting on modern gadget

Connecting USB Port to Laptop Computer

Woman plugs in the audio and speaker cords from the headset into the laptop she is typing on

Plug / unplug USB cable to laptop

Electrician gathers LAN cable together. He has dirty hands and clothes.

Disconnect Fluorescent Bulbs

Young Diverse Man Disconnecting In Nature

Doctor sleeping on the desk and switching off ringing cellphone.

Businesswoman in suits plugging the audio and microphone cords in the laptop while typing

Businesswoman at her desk typing then plugging the audio and michrophone cords in the laptop. Business and corporate lifestyle

Unplug USB cable to laptop. USB connection, socket closeup

Businessman using smartphone and leans on white luxurious electric car that is charging. Luxury electrical car recharging. Plug charging an electrical car