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Nutrition Facts Label on food box. American standard guideline for Fats and diet calories list for fitness healthy dietary supplement, protein sport nutrition facts

Vegan Buddha Bowl With Superfoods. Concept Of Healthy And Balanced Food.

Close-up of measuring tape lying on the table with blurred Caucasian girl counting calories at the background. Healthy Caucasian woman looking after weight. Healthy lifestyle, dieting, beauty.

Young and happy woman puts yellow paprika in bowl with fresh vegetables and fruits - broccoli, cucumber, red paprika, banana. On the table there is water in bottles. Healthy eating concept, slow

Chef man peppering salad at kitchen restaurant. Closeup chef hands peppering vegetables. Male professional cooking fresh salad at commercial kitchen.

Housewife cut banana for fresh smoothies. Useful fruit. Dietary breakfast.

Vitamin C Supplement And Fresh Oranges, Lemons. Bialystok, Poland, 12 March, 2020.

Pregnant Woman At Salad Bar In Restaurant

Mixed fruits and vegetables salad close up. Fresh tasty summer salad at restaurant. Healthy eating concept.

Positive young woman chewing tasty organic salad and smiling at camera. Portrait of joyful blond lady eating healthful vegetable dish. Healthy lifestyle, weight control, beauty.

Close-up of fruits, nuts and greenery on the table with blurred slim girl measuring waist at the background. Sportive Caucasian young woman dieting. Calories measurement, healthy eating, lifestyle.

Bright different fresh vegetables laid in heap on white background

Portrait of beautiful slim girl choosing between green apples and crusty croissants. Young Caucasian woman deciding on healthy and unhealthy food. Self-control, self-discipline, lifestyle.


Blurred thoughtful woman sitting at table with row of vitamin bottle choosing pills. Unrecognizable Caucasian young slim lady thinking on dietary supplements indoors. Medicine and beauty concept.

Bunch of green lentils in grocery shop. Close-up of edible legume beans in supermarket. Uncooked ingredients, dieting, vegetarianism, protein food. S-log 2.

red cherries rotate in basket

Many buckwheat, grain food

Falling peanuts in slow motion on the orange background, slow motion food, 240fps Full HD 10 bit

Dietary Nutrients Names Seamless Looping Sci fi Motion Background Purple


Customer female take fresh green onions, raw dill and parsley leaves for buy in street market. Public shopping mall


Almond nuts in Healthy food shape with vegetables and female hand putting glass of healthful green smoothie on table. Unrecognizable slim young Caucasian woman advertising healthy eating.


Close-up female hands mixing healthy vegetarian salad indoors. Unrecognizable Caucasian slim woman preparing dietary veggie food at home in the morning. Healthy lifestyle concept.


Top view plate with antioxidant vitamins and fork mixing pills. Unrecognizable slim young Caucasian woman at table with healthful vegetables and pharmaceutical nutritional supplements.

cutting a banana in breakfast cereal 4k


Woman's hand put bread cubed or croutons in cream soup. Add flavor to dish and eaten as snack food. Piece of rebaked bread cubed and seasoned. Paprika spice made from dried and ground red peppers

Close rotating shot of wooden bowl filled with flax seeds

Fresh leaves of green salad, greens and vegetables, vitamins in healthy food


Close-up female fist opening palm with yellow vitamins at table with healthy vegetables. Unrecognizable young slim Caucasian woman showing dietary supplement indoors at home.


Close-up dressing vegan salad with healthful olive oil indoors. Unrecognizable young Caucasian woman cooking healthy vegetarian food in the morning at home. Culinary and vegetarianism.

buying cheese in supermarket, man is checking shelf life, reading labels and ingredients, choosing dietary food with low calorie

Making dietary sandwiches with grilled tomatoes and eggplant, mozzarella and rye bread

Man eats money dollars in a plate. Concept: food expenses, overeating, dietary expenses, earnings, cooking, restaurateur

adult man is choosing bread in supermarket, taking packed loaf gluten free and reading ingredients, choosing dietary and healthy food

cereal bowl with fruit

Close-up of falling down quinoa into glass jar on black background. Shooting of seeds and groats in studio. Macro footage of pouring out the grits. Food cooking video.

Young slender Caucasian girl measuring waist. Unrecognizable slim woman in sportswear controlling weight. Sportive thin lady dieting. Healthy lifestyle, beauty standard, grace.

Raw goji berries in ceramic bowl. Selective focus

Close-up of falling down red beans into glass jar on black background. Shooting of haricots in studio. Macro footage of pouring out the beans. Food cooking video.

Close-up of rotating black beans on table. Shooting of haricots in studio. Macro footage of the bean. Cooking healthy food video.

Close-up of falling down chickpeas into glass jar on black background. Shooting of grains and seeds in studio. Macro footage of pouring out the chickpeas. Food cooking video.

Young plus size woman taking diet pills for fast weight loss in kitchen, drinking fat burner supplement at home


Close-up yellow vitamin D omega-3 pill in female Caucasian hand with blurred slim confident woman at background. Young slender lady advertising medication drug for health and beauty.

Unrecognizable slim woman turning on blender mixing vitamin fruits. Young fit Caucasian lady blending healthful dietary smoothie at home. Healthy lifestyle and wellness.


DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS Keywords Animation, Background, Loop, 4k

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS Keywords Animation, Background, Loop, 4k

Close-up of falling down oat flakes into glass jar on blue background. Shooting of seeds and groats in studio. Macro footage of pouring out the grits. Food cooking video.

Top Healthy Breakfast of Oatmeal Porridge, Eggs, Granola, Juice, Bacon, Nuts in Modern City Cafe

sweet department in supermarket, man is choosing chocolate, reading labels and buying low sugar and calories, dietary food