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Closeup Of Office Phone Dials Person Calling By Placing Number

A closeup view of someone dialing 9-1-1 on their cellphone. 911 emergency services in America became a hot topic during the Defund the Police movement of 2020.

A man picks up the receiver and pushes the buttons on a 1980s era telephone. He dials 911. He returns the handset to the phone base.

Man Pushing Buttons on Cell Phone


Orange color old phone. Rotary dial telephone on table. Plastic housing and handset. Man's hand use rotary dial telephone call. Signaling technology in telecommunications

Hand Turning Radio Dial

A close up of a phone and a hand calling the emergency number 911

Using old rotary telephone dialing number

Rotating Analogue Counter

Phone call, incoming call on the mobile phone. Abstract scene of Incoming call to answered.

macro of someone dialing an antique rotary phone 4k

Old Rotary Dial Phones

Hand operating vintage electrical switchboard with dials and switches

Cheerful woman tourist dial phone number sitting on park bench close up. Lovely asian girl calling phone relaxing outdoors. Attractive brunette using smartphone to communicate with friend on nature.

Young office worker dialing a number and talking on his mobile phone at the office sitting at the table with computer, phone and cup. Shot in 4k

Male hand adjusts the tuning of the car radio. Close up of young man Turning on radio and adjust music sound Volume in car. auto audio concept

Radio Frequencies 98 MHz / 800 KHz


Male hand dial number on virtual giant smartphone. Green background. Tap touchscreen. Calling hand. Touch virtual screen finger gestures. Technology. Gestures on keyboard. Solid green instead alpha.

Clock line icon on the Alpha Channel

Kitchen scale dial moving

Bass Dials Up and Down, Fast

Vintage radio being tuned by a woman


Male consultant with face mask answering landline phone call, talking to manager about business statistics. Using office telephone to have remote conversation on telework dial line. Tripod shot.


Young businessman with face mask talking to people on landline phone, answering call from project manager. Chatting on office telephone for remote conversation, dialing number line.

A close up 4K footage of a person dialing 911 on a silver phone

Vintage pocket watch. Vintage background Concept of time history.

Antique clock dial close-up. Vintage pocket watch.

Hand switching old power switch

Creeping Radio Dial

Retro Radio Dial

Number Ticker

A close up of a RPM meter on a car's dashboard.

A hypothetical bandwidth meter measuring Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps. With optional luma matte.

Power Switch "ON"

Plane joystick. Plane control panel. Woman hand control lever of aircraft. Close up female pilot hand pulls engine control lever aircraft. Female pilot control plane joystick

Tachometer metering video blue glowing

Close up of male hand picking up the receiver of a vintage retro rotary telephone and answering the phone.

Electrical meter dial spinning as electricity is used 4k

Water meter shows household consumption of water, close up

Vintage dial on old electrical equipment

Spinning Dial

Vintage radio receiver with frequency dial moving

Looped animation of an abstract measurement dial HUD element.

FM/AM Stereo Light

World Radio Meter

Vintage Antique pocket watch on ancient world map in 1565.

Computer Glitch Panel