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Doctor shakes hands with a patient. Top view

Medium close-up of two male doctors analyzing result of a brain scan

the doctor examines the patient's history of illness

Medical concept where likable concentrated experienced diverse medical colleagues advising together with their female head doctor while revisioning x-ray image

doctor and young woman meeting at hospital

Professional colleagues examining x ray scan

Ophthalmology - doctor writes a report of the diagnosis

Portrait of african american therapist doctor sitting at desk in hospital office analyzing sickness document on computer typing medical expertise. Physician man working at healthcare treatment

Close-up of elderly doctor in white coat sitting near patient lying in hospital bed and explaining him need for tests. Adult sick man and aging practitioner during medical examination in clinic

Appointment at clinic. Close up shot of unrecognizable doctor writing female patient's anamnesis in medical history

husband and wife talk to doctor

Female therapist explaining medication treatment to woman patient.

medicine, healthcare and people concept - doctor talking to woman patient at hospital

male doctor making a prescription

Doctor talking to patient about physical pain and disease at annual checkup visit. Medic doing healthcare consultation with young woman. Specialist consulting person for medical care

Doctor checks parathyroid and thyroid with ultrasound machine

Close-up of concerned patient listening to elderly doctor telling disappointing diagnosis based on results of MRI. Aging practitioner talking to unhappy male while watching brain scans on tablet pc


Coronavirus covid-19 infection in the lungs


Human joints concept with the skeleton anatomy of the body


realistic footage of the severe acute respiratory covid-19

Doctor in modern neuroscience centre for brain research. Patient wearing brainwaves scanning headset.

Medium shot of doctor and patient consulting

medicine, healthcare and people concept - indian male doctor with cardiogram and woman patient at hospital

science anatomy of man body with glow digestive system on blue

Medium shot of doctors analyzing MRI scan results

The tube is filled with blood from the vein

Likable confident experienced diverse group of medics discussing patient's x-ray scan together with their respected bearded head doctor during joint briefing in workroom

Close-up of a doctor examining a patients lung x-ray

Close up of medical stethoscope on desk in empty space at treatment clinic. Nobody in doctors office with laptop on white table at healthcare facility. Empty cabinet with equipment

group of doctors with x-ray prints

MRI scan of a human brain in motion. Scanning of brain magnetic resonance image. Diagnostic Medical Tool.

Healthcare and medicine concept where likable professional high-skilled african american male pediatrician talking with concentred woman and her son and discussing boy's x-ray results in medical

group of doctors with clipboard talking at clinic

Medical team of nurses using tablet with touch screen in cabinet for examination and appointments. Group of assistants working with technology and equipment for healthcare and treatment

Shooting over shoulder of young woman rubbing hands talking with blurred professional psychotherapist. Stressed anxious Caucasian millennial patient consulting psychologist indoors.

Unrecognizable man doctor with tablet standing in hospital room, talking to a nurse.

Cranium digital radiography data shown in several planes.

Medium shot of a doctor showing ultrasound images while explaining diagnosis to a young woman

Sequence of shots of young man complaining of sore throat and headache to senior doctor. Physician examining his neck and conducting finger to nose test during medical checkup in clinic

Medical clinic. A blood test. A nurse collecting a blood from the vitro in the pipette

two doctors with x-ray prints and papers

X-ray picture video stock footage

medicine, healthcare and people concept - senior doctor talking to young male patient having health problem at hospital

backbone. backache. science anatomy scan of human spine bones glowing

Slow motion. Male doctor writes on a piece of paper recommendations for a patient girl. The doctor passes a list of pharmaceuticals that need to be purchased at the pharmacy.

Nurse recruit a drug in a syringe, patient lying on coach at blurred background

Man with blue glove pressing cuff of sphygmomanometer

Contrast MRI of the human body organs