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Detour traffic sign in downtown Las Vegas Nevada 4k

Road closed Detour Sign on Street

Sign detour, repair work on the road


Drone slowly flying over a jammed autobahn with free-flowing traffic on the opposite side, countryside Germany

Gridlocked traffic passes underneath a Frustration directional road sign.

Long establishing shot of a closed road with a police car blocking the street as cars pass by.

An orange DETOUR on West Beaver Avenue in downtown State College, Pennsylvania, home to Penn State's main campus.

Road closed detour sign at Street Fair

The camera is turning towards two lanes of driving on the Interstate Freeway I75 in the USA

Traffic gets detoured in downtown Pittsburgh due to a closed road.


A dolly shot of the road closed sign on the 6th Street Bridge over the Allegheny River in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Roberto Clemente Bridge was closed for renovations in 2023.

Road beside the blue sea. Shot from inside vehicle while driving beside the sea on a sunny day.

Young worker in safety helmet showing no entry for vehicles at blocked road

Arrow bypass road

An abandoned wooden ladder blocking a street

COLUMBUS, OH - Circa August, 2021 - A daytime view of traffic navigating a construction zone on East Broad Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Road Construction Ahead orange caution sign 4k

Cars navigate a closed lane in a road construction repair zone.

Construction light flashing on city street

A Signpost Pointing Towards an Unreachable Italian Village

A bicyclist rides past a closed trail sign and takes a detour.

A close-up shot captures traffic in an exotic tropical vacation destination with palm trees along the skyline in Florida

Sidewalk closed sign 4k

Yellow caution light in street at night

Big Truckers And Cars Being Redirected Away From Highway Traffic Accident At Nighttime Dusk

Flashing construction light at night in city

Blurred view of flashing lights of police cars on suburban highway at sunset through windshield

A driver's view stuck behind a construction vehicle repairing a pot hole on a Pennsylvania highway.

Top view of rural road. Clip. Rural highway with traffic in forest. Suburban highway with cars. Travel

A backhoe digs at a road construction site.

Redirected Traffic From Highway Accident With Dennys And Shell Gas Station Logos In Distance

Woman driving car over big arrows on road 4K. View over shoulder inside car cabin while female person driving car on road around the corner with GPS device showing route.

Road signs in a street under reconstruction

Men working sign in construction area of neighborhood 4k

Accident and flashing lights of patrol car on side of highway at sunset. Slow motion

Traffic congestion at Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kyiv city, capital of Ukraine

Traffic jam at Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine

Cinema 4K Timelapse Road traffic at main street in Kyiv city, Ukraine

flashing Detour Sign in a construction zone

Highway Freeway Traffic Being Redirected Away From Highway Accident At Night Close To Dusk

Road traffic at main street in Kyiv city, capital of Ukraine

Roadway maintenance works and road traffic in centre of Kyiv, capital of Ukraine

Traffic congestion at Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kyiv city, capital of Ukraine

A man in a white shirt waits for a bus at a bus stop as traffic drives by, with motels, hotels, and palm trees on the strip at sunset

Traffic congestion in Kyiv city, capital of Ukraine

A construction sign on a sidewalk

Long shot of traffic passing a flashing sign warning construction is ahead.

Construction sign redirecting traffic in downtown Las Vegas Nevada 4k