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"determined looking at camera"
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CLose-up of intense eyes stare of determined muscular built man looking at camera on outdoor sport facilities, expressing confidence, strength, conviction, masculinity and readiness for competition.

Close up shot with PAN of serious young black woman with curly hair standing against dark wall and looking at camera with determined expression

Portrait caucasian fashionable businessman looking at the camera sitting in the office. Adult male wearing in casual blue jacket

Extreme close-up of an adult caucasian man's grey eyes. Grey-haired guy looking at the camera and making faces.

Portrait of a serious young man turning and looking at the camera, listening, agreeing, and nodding his head yes standing outdoors

Close up of man looking at camera in Utah desert

Slow-motion medium portrait of determined young african-american sportsman looking at camera holding heavy medicine ball under his arm standing next to window at smoky loft style training room

Close-up face of an adult caucasian man looking at the camera and making faces. Bearded guy with grey hair and grey eyes standing on the autumn meadow and smiling.

Portrait of African American businessman in suit and white shirt standing in the office on the background of a large table and charts on the screen looking at the camera

Handheld close up shot of confident young black woman with curly hair looking at camera with resolute expression

Portrait of determined middle-aged Caucasian ice hockey player in helmet, jersey and gloves standing on rink and looking at camera, medium shot

Portrait of confident African American sportsman posing with ball on basketball court. Young serious man standing outdoors and looking at camera. Confidence, sport, healthy lifestyle.


Front view of determined mature black man exercising and looking at camera in backyard of home 4k

Happy smiling attractive blond haired woman looking at the camera in her home

Portrait of an adult caucasian man with nervous tick looking at the camera and smiling. Bearded guy with grey hair and grey eyes making faces standing on the autumn meadow.

Portrait of young ethnic girl in sportswear training with smartphone on exerciser in park gym looking at camera with vigor.

Tilt down portrait shot of serious young black woman with curly hair standing against dark chalkboard wall and looking at camera

Slow-motion medium portrait of determined female boxer wearing black boxing gloves looking at camera standing in smoky loft style gym studio

Portrait of young attractive athlete woman sitting on gym floor near cross fit balls, looking at camera after workout.

Studio shot with tilt up of focused female fighter looking at camera and cracking knuckles isolated on black background

Attractive Strong Man walking in the City Park when sun rays passing between trees Leaves. Looking at Smartphone Screen and Typing Messages. Having luxury Smartwatch on his Arm.

Handheld portrait shot of stylish young black woman in hat standing against chalkboard wall and gazing into distance while holding orange, then looking at camera with resolute expression

Tilt up with close up of strong professional male athlete in swimming cap and goggles standing against black background and stretching muscles while looking at camera

Tilting-up medium closeup portrait of serious young caucasian sportsman putting on boxing gloves and looking at camera, training outdoors

Tilting-up waist-up portrait of concentrated young athletic woman putting on boxing gloves then looking at camera, standing at sports ground in summer

Medium closeup portrait of serious male boxer boxing punching bag at outdoor sports ground then looking at camera

From below shot of ethnic sportive woman with headphones training back muscles while sitting on exercise equipment and looking at camera at street.

Medium shot of concentrated female boxer boxing punch bag outdoors then looking at camera

Brunette Caucasian boy showing strength gesture admiring biceps muscles and looking at camera smiling. Portrait of confident positive kid posing at yellow background. Healthy lifestyle and childhood.

Handsome man corrects his hair looking at camera

Medium shot of young caucasian sportsman boxing punch bag at sports ground outdoors then looking at camera

Studio shot of muscular young female athlete in sportswear looking at camera and doing squat snatch with barbell isolated on black background