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Live camera approaches in slow motion to ruined demolished residential building entrance stairs. Zoom in to destroyed bombed house in urban city in Kyiv suburb Ukraine.

Abandoned place, apocalyptic ruined city. Destroyed buildings, broken vehicles and ruined roads. Negligence concept. Generated by AI

Destroyed by war building in Borodyanka, Ukraine

a man making his way through the rubble at a flood


Columns and statues of the temple main entrance

A view of the destroyed buildings of a city after the continuous bombing and shelling by the forces of an invading army.

Industrial controlled explosion abandoned building on blue sky with white clouds background. Method for detonating used to set off dynamite

A house destroyed by war in Ukraine

Aerial view of a destroyed building in the city of Makariv, Ukraine

Aerial view of ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Ruins of famous town destroyed by volcanic eruption. Modern city and mountain ridge in background. Pompei, Italy

Residential building destroyed by the war in Ukraine

Car burned by angry crowd.Burning Car Crowd Flags

War in Ukraine - destroyed building in Borodyanka

Car burned by angry crowd.Burning Car Crowd Flags

Tracking shot of brave Ukrainian soldiers searching in war-torn city. Courage and defense concept.

Multi-storey building destroyed by the war in Ukraine

Drone above wide view of firemen fighting with fire near biulding

Side view rusty burnt out automobile on street at ashed residential house outdoors. Bombed demolished car in ruined urban city in Ukraine. Slow motion.

interior of the abandoned soviet building

Aerial view of the building destroyed by the war in Borodyanka, Ukraine

damaged cars in the mud after flooding

A drone point-of-view showing the damage and destruction caused to urban buildings from bombings, war, and conflict.

Ruined bricks concrete and soil on air raid bombardment place in Kiev Ukraine. Destroyed residential civil building leftovers outdoors in city. Slow motion.

Destroyed ancient amphitheater. Ruins of a historical city of Hierapolis.

Rubble and Ruins at Beit Shean in Israel

Aerial footage of Roman city remains, town destroyed after massive volcanic eruption. Mount Vesuvius volcano in background. Pompei, Italy

Destroyed by war building in Borodyanka, Ukraine

Aerial view of remains of houses in historic tourist landmark. Ruins of ancient city of Pompeii. Pompei, Italy

the flow of muddy water, debris and tree branches at a flood or tsunami

Ruined metal constructions outdoors with building wall at background. Damaged destroyed bombed Ukrainian city outdoors in Kiev Ukraine. Bombardment and war.

Borodyanka, Ukraine - a destroyed building during the war, Bucha district

Smoke rises in the aftermath of multiple aerial bombings that targeted the high-rise buildings of a Ukrainian city.

A camera shot moving from the ground to the top of city skyscrapers which were destroyed by bomb blasts, airstrikes, and war.

HD version - Child exploring historic sight and climbing down the amphitheatre in ancient city Hierapolis in Pamukkale, Turkey

War in Ukraine - destroyed building in Borodyanka, Bucha district

Tilting shot of black walls in air raid bombardment ash outdoors on city street in Kiev Ukraine. Live camera moves down at ruined destroyed residential building. Slow motion.

Panning left to right along demolished ruined bombed residential building in Kyiv Ukraine. Destroyed civil house in urban city outdoors. Aggression and war concept.

Zoom in to children's toy in ash on bombed ground outdoors. Live camera approaches to burnt toy in ruined house in urban city in Ukraine. War and lost childhood concept.

Soldiers navigating through ruined city in war zone

Aerial view of Conza della Campania old town destroyed by the earthquake, Avellino, Italy.

Ruined military base in old destroyed city with sea bay and mountain drone view

Aerial view of a destroyed building in the city of Makariv, Ukraine

Large crumbling abandoned factory in Detroit

War in Ukraine: destroyed shopping center in Bucha

Remains of old building after the war.

Consequences of the war in Ukraine - a destroyed residential building

Ruined residential building in Borodyanka, Ukraine

Parts of abandoned fishing boat. Clip. Abandoned boat with rusty parts on cloudy day. Abandoned fishing boat on seashore