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Handsome man sitting in the cafe and negates someone's accusation

Closeup of an elderly attractive gentleman shaking his head and saying no

Teenage girls gesturing and shaking head in denial

Police detective showing photos of the person, but the suspect criminal does not recognize anyone. Cop questioning offender in interrogation room.

Woman shaking her head in denial

Adult pretty blonde woman denying and being very strict. Serious female disapproves and refuses to listen.

Portrait of serious african man showing cross hand in studio. Closeup afro guy waving head no at camera. Disappointed african person showing negative gesture on grey background.

Young brunette businesswoman in a white T-shirt shook her head and crossed her arms, gesturing "No". Disapproval, denial, refusal, disagreement.

An unidentified person stamps the word DENIED on a stack of blank paper.

4k. Ultra HD. Portrait of young confident sexy caucasian businesswoman with arms crossed disapproval Your opinion. Pomade, brownhair, lady. Negation concept. Formal suit. Modern glass buildings bg

Attractive man deny a proposal, desinterested and disrespectful. Being negative and and egocentric.

Portrait of displeased african man waving finger no on light background. Closeup serious guy showing negative gesture. Upset model posing with disappointed face expression in studio.

Man disapproving with no finger sign make negation gesture. Denying, Rejecting, Disagree, Portrait of men on blue background.

young woman saying no animation ,4k video animated

Portrait young caucasian man on grey background with crossed arms. caucasian guy with red hair posing showing hand gesture do not offer. handsome redhead men wearing in casual t-shirt

APPLICATION FAILED with Alpha Matte, Animation, Background, Loop, 4k

APPLICATION FAILED with Alpha Matte, Animation, Background, Loop, 4k

Emotional irritated man crossing hands and saying No, shaking head as denial and rejection, blue studio background.

Portrait of man expressing frustration over white background. Concept of emotions.

4k pov ultrahd. Businessman attractive Rejecting your offer, he disagree with you, Cross Hands Gesture by Young Man Modern office middle shot. tabletpc, keyboard, monitor, display, documents, mobile

No Word Stam Rejection Turned Down Negative Answer 3 D Animation

young asian woman posing showing hand gesture stopping refuse on blue background in studio. attractive millennial girl wearing white casual shirt looking at the camera

Denial concept. Eastern man saying stop, crossing hands and shaking head no, looking at camera, brown background

No Answer Word Speech Bubble Denied Rejection 3 D Animation

Young skeptical italian man with crossed hands showing stop gesture, shaking head no, renouncement and refusal concept

Emotional puzzled islamic woman feeling annoyed and and asking What, I don't understand to camera, pink background

Young annoyed lady looking around and resenting, feeling disturbed and puzzled, orange studio background


Wrong delivery. Black courier wearing protective mask offering parcel to customer, woman rejecting order, man going away


Serious woman crossing hands in no gesture looking at camera. Front view portrait of elegant confident lady posing at black background with Canadian flag. Rejection and denial concept.


Serious elegant woman stretching hand in stop gesture looking at camera. Portrait of confident female politician posing at black background with American flag denying social intolerance.

Rejected stamp concept

Dark-skinned man shows stop gesture. Serious hindu man refusing, saying no. Grey background.

Denial Rejection No Answer Denied Rejected Headlines 3 D Animation

Elegant man in suit spreading hands to the sides and saying I don't know . There is yellow background.

African police detective showing photos of the person, but the suspect criminal does not recognize anyone. Cop questioning offender in interrogation room.

An ignorant young man who does not accept what he is told. Young hipster doesnt believe in a word he hears.

No Answer Vs Yes Negative Denial Rejection Pen Check Box 3d Animation

APPLICATION FAILED and Earth Connections Network, Animation, Background, Loop, 4k

Blonde young woman saying I don't know and spreading her hands to the sides. Blue background.

Young Caucasian handsome man stretching palm looking at camera and holding glass with red wine. Close-up portrait of addicted male alcoholic making stop gesture. Addict refusing help.

Diverse doctors in lab coats and eyeglasses denying something on yellow background. Man showing no finger.

Adorable black teenage daughters with digital tablet trying to convince pretty mom to cook meal by internet recipe, begging and expressing irresistible desire while family preparing food in kitchen.

Sad, unhappy man sitting in front of concrete wall

Upset blonde young girl saying no by waving her hand at pink wall background

Grumpy african american guy showing thumb down gesture

Don't do it, it's a mistake! The African American shook his head, warned with a finger gesture, said, "No, be careful. " Disapproval, denial, rejection, disagreement.

Beautiful arrogant woman making warning or rejection gesture with a finger

Young cute woman shaking finger negatively at camera, expressing rejection and forbiddance, orange background