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Trash inside abandoned building in the city center.

The destruction of the wall of the abandoned building.

Old Abandoned Building 4

Abandoned and Desolate view of America - Detroit Michigan

Dolly shot of a rundown rear entrance of a single family home during the day with lens flare

Alone tourist is taking photos inside old building. Walls and windows are dilapidated, man is walking around and using camera

Moving shot in old dilapidated building. Showing empty long tunnel, columns and ceiling with peeling paint


Camera moving in front of rundown and dilapidated shops and storefronts, permanently closed due to the economic fallout from a global pandemic.


Camera moving in front of dilapidated shops and storefronts, rundown and permanently closed due to the hardship of life in a broken and poverty-stricken country.

Spooky House Black And White Upload

Back door entrance of a house on a small rear porch - establishing dolly shot during the winter

Single family bungalow house - tilt up establishing shot with sun glare in the winter

Decrepit house in black and white

Red brick wall with a broken/missing brick, focus rolls from background to foreground

Female with broken down smoking car

Aerial view from the air to an abandoned factory

Camera moves through dark and moody tunnel with shimmering neon or led lights, underground bunker or bomb shelter, creepy and spooky vibes of empty corridor, darkness and fear concept

Grey-haired 93-year old man carefully wipes his lips after eating

Hands of 93-year old man after two cerebral strokes

Angry woman with broken down smoking car talking by phone after car incident. 4K UHD video.

Old Golden retriever happily chases camera. Closeup of dog excited to go for a walk with elderly lady owner. Woman and her dog walking on country road.

Old sofas on the street near the village house. Close-up

Building Destruction

Angry woman at night time calls on the phone and trying to get help with her broken car.

Female with broken car with openin the hood. Sad woman in front of her broken car on the street. 4K UHD.

Women stranded with broken car on the road after car incident.

Female with broken down smoking car holds a bottle with a coolant for the motor in his hand. Pretty woman talking by phone after car incident. 4K UHD video.

View from the ferry on the road bridge. Travel by ferry on Myanmar. Old wooden ferry.

Female on phone with broken down car

Famale is reading a decrepit book.

Man Goes on a Decrepit Bridge

Slow dolly establishing shot of a back door entrance from a small porch on a single family home

Ferry floating with people on the river. Burmese old excursion ferry.

Old dog in coat walking down country road. Aged Golden Retriever with white hair saunters carefully and happily down street in winter. Purebred dog on last walk of his life.

Decrepit barn in winter scene

A Woman Brushes Her Teeth At A Dirty Motel At Night

Decrepit old cottage in a snow-covered empty village in Russian, close up

Grey-haired 93-year old man says best wishes for posterity

RC monster truck rides down old wooden stairs. Radio controlled car drives downstairs.