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Milk packaging line. Bottle label at dairy factory. Labeling machine at milk factory conveyor belt. Dairy packaging. Milk package. Dairy products label. Food industry. Milk packing. Dairy plant

UKRAINE, KIEV, NOVEMBER 30, 2013: Grocery store counter with dairy products in Kiev, Ukraine, November 30, 2013

Scraping butter with a knife

Woman Choosing Dairy Yoghurt in Supermarket

Assortment of various kinds of cheeses served on wooden board with fork and knives. Placed on concrete background.

Figure pouring mayonnaise


Two Sweet Cherries Falls Into Milk. Slow Motion

Pouring milk into bowl with muesli, super slow motion, shot at 240fps

Woman Choosing Fresh Milk Bottle in Supermarket

Midsection shot of unrecognizable females adding yoghurt and jam to bowl with cut bananas for homemade ice-cream

Filling Bowl of Cereal with Milk

A Large Selection Of Different Cheeses On Counter In Supermarket

Pouring sauce on vegetable salad

Dairy production line. Milk in bottles on automated conveyor belt at dairy factory. Conveyor line at milk factory. Milk industry. Production dairy products. Food industry. Milk production line

Milk products on conveyor belt at dairy factory. Cottage cheese on production line. Production of dairy products. Food production. Dairy industry. Cheese manufacturing line

Dairy open refrigerator in supermarket. Various delicious dairy products in chiller fridge in grocery store.

Various types of cheese served on rustic wooden board. Placed on concrete background.

People Making Cheese In Factory

Ice cream Cones with Plomber, chocolate and fruity Scoops Gelato

Various types of cheese served on rustic wooden board. Placed on concrete background.

Young woman in the supermarket chooses milk on the degree of fat.

Close up of sportswoman pours fresh milk or yoghurt in glass. Concept of healthy dairy food. Slow motion

yoghurt pouring into bowl

A closeup of fresh milk poured from the carton into a glass. A top view

Muesli with berries and pouring milk in a bowl

Pouring milk into bowl, super slow motion, shot at 240fps

Milk products in glass jars at dairy farm. Female hands closing lid of glass jar with milk. Production of yogurt in a farm. Homemade cows milk yoghurt.

Man slicing cheese super slow motion

Cheese Factory In Production Time Lapse

Eating Chia Pudding and Drinking Coffee in Cafe. Superfoods Concept

From above shot of glass filled with white yogurt and granola topped with fresh raspberries and served on napkin with spoon

Open refrigerator filled with food. Healthy food.

Milk Pouring Into A Bowl With Muesli, Close Up

Muesli with berries and pouring milk in a bowl

Hand Pouring Maple Or Agave Syrup On Vegan Pancakes With Fruits For Breakfast.

Top view of female in white shirt taking a sip of vegan coffee cappuccino carefully from white porcelain mug. Vegan dairy free drinks with milk alternatives.

Packaging milk bottles on conveyor line. Packaging line at dairy factory. Dairy industry. Food industry. Milk production plant. Milk packaging line. Milk package. Food package on conveyor belt

Eating Thai Creamy Coconut Pudding With Coconut Milk Suace Delicacy Cuisine

Organic French cheese on shop counter. Display of Italian cheese at market stall. Dairy food industry.

Cheese production. pulling technology

Cheese production. pulling technology

Manufacturing process at milk factory. Milk is pouring into bottle at dairy factory. Dairy industry. Production line at dairy factory. Automated production line. Food factory manufacturing process

Milk production line. Close up of automated process at food factory. Pouring milk in plastic bottle at dairy plant. Production process at dairy factory. Production line at milk factory

Stirring a bowl of cereal and milk, close up

Butter is pouring from the pipe into the container

Top view of chef hands preparing muesli with natural yogurt on vintage wooden background

Top view of chef hands preparing muesli with natural yogurt on vintage wooden background

Female customer buying vegetables at the supermarket. Cropped shot of a female customer putting peppers into her shopping basket at the supermarket. Woman buying vegetables at the groceries store