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Bolts of Lightening Electricity Seamless Loop Motion Background 01 Deep Blue Cyan

Old light bulb with fluctuant energy

Blue energy abstract with a spherical plasma look radiating electric rays

Relaxing River Rushing Blue Water In Slow Motion

Man's hand puts it the wall plug socket

Sea green water with white waves 5

Close-up of experienced man working with electric meter.

Plasma ball, Tesla Coil experiment with electricity, plasma lamp. 4k video

River Water Moving In Slow Motion

Heat electropower station outdoor switchgear

Rocky mountains and river with a rapids flowing in a valley between mountain wood

View of power plant of the Aswan High Dam

High voltage transmission pylon and sunlight. Electricity concept.

Pure And Clean Water Source


Aerial view of Padma bridge, over the Padma river by day in perspective, Shibchar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

River rapids through the mountains


Flowing Water Fills Frame

man checking voltages on a wire rack

Mountain creek on stone landscape. Closeup clear water stream with foam on rock. Macro shot of tiny river rapid on nature background. Fast stream current with pebbles on bottom. Tiny waterfall outdoor

Spring river flowing between the mossy rocks, close up

rapid flow of water in the river. Close up. Slow motion.

Silhouette of engineer standing on field with electricity towers. Electrical engineer with high voltage electricity pylon at sunset background. Power workers at work concept.

Small serene mountain creek flowing over stones in summer nature

Waterfall in Sweden on a stormy mountain river

Top view of picturesque mountain river close up

High voltage. Electrician power cuts. Electrician connects phase. Electropanel board.

Fountain Cascade On The City Street close up.

Sea green water 4

Top view of rapid water stream in mountain river. Mountain river with stones. Beautiful highlands water.


Footage of tangled comunication wires and example of bad cable management


Footage of tangled comunication wires and example of bad cable management-the shot is being zoomed in


Abstract underwater background. Dirty water close up.


Beautiful green tropical plants from jungle and little artificial waterfall in greenhouse

Old light bulb glowing with fluctuant energy

mountain road along the mountain river

Water texture in clear stream in mountain rocks. Foamy water current on river rapids. Fast creek in river cascade. Stormy brook flowing on stony background outdoors. View of strong river flow outside.

Landscape with mountain stone and creek in forest. View of mountain boulder with green moss. Beautiful stream with sun reflection in clean water. Grey pebbles in clear river with nature landscape.

Beautiful outdoor nature view on springtime with wild flowers and flowing river.

Macro forest creek on stones. Tiny waterfall at river rapid. Closeup pure stream on wet rocks. Clean water flow closeup. Water bubbling outdoors. Pure water current on boulder rapid.

Electric lines. Urban district electrification

River water cascades around and over mossy rocks, close up

Flowing Air Currents

Magic plasma ball with electrical impulses, close up

changing to energy effecient lightbulb

Lower Thirds Water Under Gray Sky

CLOSE UP. Picturesque waterfall flowing down the cliff covered with moss captured in the mountains at daytime with green trees on background

Close up of spring water as it falls and dribbles on green moss

Control cabinets, displays at an electrical substation at power plant, factory