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Sad baby crying in cot at home. Unhappy toddler standing in crib. Upset child in bed looking mom. Unhappy child wake up at morning. Sadness baby emotion. Child fear

Crying Infant Boy Sitting On Floor In Living Room With Toys Around

Child in red dress upset after being burned by nettle. Genuine emotions and tears. Child sitting on grass, experiencing pain from chemical burn.

Newborn Baby Crying, Mom Comforting Child

Child in distress: Genuine tears and emotions from chemical burn

A desperate businessman starting to moarn and cry - isolated on a green chroma key...

A businessman talking on his mobile phone but he is not satissfied with the news he is hearing

Concerned Parent Soothing Upset Newborn Baby

Siblings sit upset and angry, facing away from each other with displeased expressions

Portrait of Caucasian siblings sitting upset and angry with their backs turned, displaying displeased expressions

Mother with baby using phone at home. Modern mom with child and mobile. Working mother's everyday life.