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NEW YORK, USA- DECEMBER 2017: top view of the spectators of the theater leaving the auditorium after the performance

People in cocktail dresses at party applaud - clapping hands of people on dancing event

Audience Listens To Speaker At Conference Shot On R3D


Rear View Of Audience Watching Band And Clapping With Music At Outdoor Summer Music Festival

Motivational speaker businesswoman getting audience feedback participation at a training seminar or business brainstorming sessions while writing on a white board

Spectators waiting for the concert performances

People viewers in a TV studio while recording a TV show

Clapping Crowd On Their Feet

crowd waving hands in the night club party

UBUD, BALI, INDONESIA - CIRCA JAN 2016 - Large crowd of people sitting cross legged on yoga mats and clapping at the end of a group lesson or class


2021-08-06 - Mariupol City Festival, Ukraine. Crowd at outdoor festival enjoys live music, clapping and singing along. Excitement, joy fill

Medium shot of joyful Asian man in glasses clapping hands to rhythmic music when partying on dance floor in nightclub

Nightclub Dance Party. Young people enjoying a lively celebration with confetti.

Moving down the glamourous red carpet with a crowd of cheering fans and paparazzi at the end, in front of a city skyline, searchlights, and palm trees blowing in the wind. Audio of cheering and camera flashes included.

Men soldiers in coats standing in the row holding guns - clapping with frozen hands

Woman clapping in theater with audience in background.

Medium shot of ecstatic multi ethnic crowd dancing and clapping hands during party in nightclub

The anonymous audience applauded after the premiere. Tilt shift effect, no visible faces.

Handheld shot of Asian man in glasses dancing in confetti shower and clapping hands at party with friends

people dancing at live music concert

Crowd of cheering silhouettes under the night sky with searchlights

Viewers in the cinema house. Variant II. Screen size was 59. 4 percent scaled from hd.

People viewers in a TV studio while recording a TV show

Spotlights illuminate sections of a crowd of cheering fans at a rock concert. Lights get bright at the end. (Editorial)

An anonymous band performing on stage in front of a crowd of fans under bright lights

Footage of a crowd partying at a rock concert or dj party slow motion

Aerial view of excited crowd of fans dancing at the outdoor concert of favourite rock band

Audience Clapping At Outdoor Event In Slow Motion

Misk, Belarus - May 15, 2017: People cheer move lift and clap their hands in unison with singer.

Happy smiling group of people smiling, clapping and cheering at a meeting or event as they all agree positively while a man takes notes on his smart phone in slow motion

2019-08-09 - Mariupol, Ukraine. MFest festival. People silhouettes jump waving, clapping hands, dancing with hand-horns at live music concert at open air festival. Fans at rock band performance.

People silhouettes jump waving and clapping hands, crazy dancing with hand-horns at live music concert at open air festival. Fans at favourite rock band performance.

Flashing strobes and spotlights at a rock concert with a huge crowd of fans

2019-08-09 - Mariupol, Ukraine. MFest festival. Woman sits on boyfriend shoulders, dance waving hands at music concert on open air fest. Crowd applause, jump, enjoy favourite band performance on stage

The audience applaud on the performance

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 21, 2013: A lot of people in the movie theater watch film. Russia is visited by more than 20 million turists annually

crowd of fans waving hands and shining lights during a rock concert

Illuminated silhouette of fans dancing at openair live rock concert. People slam at music festival outdoor. Crowd listening to songs and clapping at the night gig. Entertainment and culture concept.

hands dancing crowd

Close-up of clapping hands of impressed people attending an impressing event. No visible faces.

KIEV, UKRAINE - JUNE 21, 2014: Fans-women applaud their idols at the concert at the stadium

President Obama Walking Out to the Podium

hands dancing crowd

People in cocktail dresses applaud - close-up of clapping hands of people on dancing event

Hockey fans and spectators can be seen in the bleachers in a wide-angle shot, some wearing masks

The stadium watching sports show in the winter.

MOSCOW - May 21: People applaud in the theater on the evening dedicated to the anniversary of Arkadiy Inin - famous russian satirist on May 21, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

Hockey Crowd Go Wild With Goal