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Share price down stock chart in red financial business market recession

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky

Recession. Chart economic crisis

Frustrated businessman have business crisis losing corporate profit close up. Portrait of exhausted unhappy office manager sitting at desk with computer. Stressed worker reading bad financial report.

Stock market recession chart trending down into a financial crisis

Bearded stock market broker taking a sip of coffee while reading a graph about financial decline.

Portrait of stressed troubled African American businessman thinking sitting on couch as blurred Caucasian woman cooking in kitchen at background. Anxious man planning business in the evening at home.

Civil residential building destroyed by the war in Ukraine

Stock market graph in the red investing crisis financial decline

Late Night Office Work: Fatigued Professional at Desk

Close up shot of unhappy African American woman telling about problems on therapy session

Stock market crash

Burning of American hundred dollar banknotes. Flame of fire from a pile of cash. Financial crisis and depressed economy. Paper money loss concept.

Recession, crisis chart

Consequences of the war in Ukraine : ruined multi-storey house

Arab Refugees Walking In Destroyed Building


A couple argument on the city street

African american man recieves unbeliavably bad news and reacts. Black 20s student fails an exam

Portrait of a man in white protection costume and respirator sitting alone at the cinema then remove it

Owner sitting on floor in closed cafe, small business lockdown due to coronavirus.

Stock market crash, figures changing on ticker display, global economic crisis.

Borodyanka, Ukraine - a destroyed building during the war

Sad, unhappy businessman walking by window

Sad, worried man looking by the window during night

A serious man sits at a computer in the office and thinks. Analyzes solves a crisis problem. A difficult stage in business. Thoughtful businessman

Frustrated businessman thinking in office corridor

Unidentified homeless man begging on the street of European city winter

Ruined residential building in Borodyanka, Ukraine

Upset business woman working with economic data on computer at night. Dissatisfied business woman looking marketing indicators in report. Business crisis concept. Stress at work

Overwhelmed office worker

Depressed millennial vietnamese korean woman sitting on windowsill.

Young couple managing finances in the kitchen

Man shows that there is no money in his wallet.


Two woman engage in an argument inside the car

Burning dollars in the trash can close-up and a man throws new bills into the fire. Slow motion

Upset business man looking financial reports in night office. Overworked financial analyst checking marketing charts in dark office. Stressed man having problem at work.

Silhouette of sad, unhappy businessman sitting on armchair by the window, against the sky, 4K

Reflective Woman Gazes Out Window

Consequences of the war - ruined residential building in Borodyanka, Ukraine


Tilting up shot of mature Caucasian woman applying makeup to hide signs of physical assault being harassed and bullied by her husband standing behind, waving arms and shouting

PAN of sad Arab man sitting with unrecognizable people and thinking


Tension fills the air as two young woman confront each other

Desperate caucasian businessman on blurred background. Financial crisis and business failure. Nervous breakdown concept.

Side view of stressed overburdened Caucasian middle aged man sitting in office sighing taking off eyeglasses. Medium shot portrait of dissatisfied male CEO at workplace. Business problems concept.

Burning dollars in the trash can close-up and a man throws new bills into the fire. Slow motion

Sad, overwhelmed businesswoman working with documents on bed

A business man sitting at his desk checks the weekly stock market wick and candle chart on a tablet PC. Graph shows a down bear market.


A woman takes the time to listen to the story of a homeless man on the street