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Medium front-view footage of multi-ethnic criminals getting out of isolated underground parking gesturing and swearing taking off balaclava

Young addicted people hanging out together in a dark room at night. Friends smoking, drinking alcohol, making lines of cocaine on the table. Female addict passed out after overdose on the couch.

Portrait dolly-in shot of three armed terrorists in balaclavas posing for camera in their hideout

Slowmo walk of three multi ethnic criminals down underground parking lot leader in sunglasses getting gun out of leather jacket with black car in background

Portrait dolly-in shot with slowmo of young masked robbers with bags posing for camera while police lights flashing

Midsection footage of armed criminals exchanging money for prohibited items making illegal deal at dark parking lot

A man asks for silence. Criminal's face in the dark during a robbery

Medium footage of multi-ethnic assertive criminals opening metal briefcase filled with stacks of money demonstrating cash to other bandits checking amounts

Close-up of armed criminals attacking male walking in city street. Fearless man knocking three muggers applying Krav Maga self defence and running away

Organised team of cyber criminals talking about their security system. Dangerous hackers.

Sequence of shots of assertive multi-ethnic criminals armed with handguns meeting at dark underground parking for transmitting briefcase with stacks of money


Side view chest-up of young Hispanic female detective pinning pictures of male criminals on map on wall in office at daytime

Slowmo tracking shot of silhouette of unrecognizable criminal standing in dark industrial space while car with two masked terrorists driving towards him One of them is exiting car

Male hacker sits in front of virtual screen in monitor room and do IP tracing via satellite uplink. Dark night low key film look.

Criminals having illegal deal at underground parking and arab leader pointing at another bandit with pistol looking angrily

Masked bandit handing over the narcotics to a drug addict. The illegal trade between young criminals on the street.

Police are preparing to arrest the perpetrator. Bandits are preparing an attempt. Ambush of criminals in the forest. Terrorists preparing a terrorist attack.

Without face footage of three gangsters walking towards other criminals holding guns and carrying briefcase with money at dark underground parking


Armed police arresting suspect, taking it with police car

close up of a Man having his fingerprints taken at the police station

Multi ethnic criminal gang on deal closing metal briefcase filled with drugs and transmitting it to other criminals standing at isolated underground parking

Terrorists kidnapped the girl. Criminals carry away the victim. Bandits tied up the victim.

Slowmo medium arc shot of one squad of criminals with metal briefcase approaching to another gangsters transferring money in silence looking fiercely at underground parking

Spy is watching two women criminals from the car, taking pictures of how women exchange packages

Two criminals walking towards their partners in the underground parking and greeting them with handshake

Caucasian hooligans extorting money from African American immigrant in 1980s or 1990s. Confident young criminals taking dollars from threatened bullied guy and leaving. Social problems concept.

Two gangsters walking towards other criminals, one of them opening briefcase with money, checking one stack and throwing it back

Slowmo tracking shot of armed terrorists taking bag off head of male hostage and forcing him to film confession or ransom message


Side view close-up of young Hispanic female detective pinning pictures of male criminals on map on wall in office at daytime

close up of a man having his fingerprints taken at the police station


Armed police with dog getting ready, stopping a car

Close up of criminals hands taking metal briefcase with stacks of money at isolated parking lot


Armed special police arresting and taking the criminal


Special Police squad helicopter in action with armed man

Judge And Gavel Close Up Criminals And Struggle Concept

Close-up shot of a woman inhaling cocaine line on the mirror. Young drug addict woman snorting coke with a rolled-up dollar bill indoors and passing out after overdose on the couch. Front view view.

Two male hacker making their attack plan against the government. Dangerous cyber criminals.

Close-up young male portrait smoking marijuana joint at home in a domestic room at night. Addicted man in a hooded shirt inhaling cannabis smoke. Social issues and drug addiction concept

Slowmo medium shot of unrecognizable armed terrorists taking bag off head of male hostage and forcing him to list their demands to police or family over mobile phone

Full shot of three multi ethnic criminals in black leather jackets getting out of jeep in dark underground parking lot going on deal

Crime With Gang Men Fighting Man Hitting Drug Dealer

Handheld slowmo shot of unrecognizable armed terrorists holding man hostage He is talking into mobile phone and listing their demands

Team of cyber criminals using modern software and super computers to hack the government server.

Gang Members Meeting For Selling And Buying Drugs And Narcotics

Close-up dolly shot of mirror table with cocaine bags, cocaine lines and money while blows of smoke floating above it. Drug abuse, social issues, addiction concept

Close up of a woman having his fingerprints taken at the police station

Three gangsters, two men in fedora hat and classical suits and woman in 1950th style cloth standing in smoke in dirty place and female shooting from the gun. Abandoned dilapidated building.

Little brunette Caucasian girl walking to kidnapper and taking lollypop. Criminal's point of view. Maniac taking hostage in spring or autumn park. Danger, social problem, kidnapping, crime.