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Painting of a clay toy

PAN of concentrated male carpenter using grinder machine and smoothing wood plank

Painting a baked spinning pot in blue using with a brush

Creating making vase of white clay

Man folds paper sheets while doing origami. Different origami objects and male hands. Result of work and creativity. Arts, crafts and tutoring.

Closeup of unrecognizable craftsman sanding piece of wood with sandpaper blowing out sawdust from table working in joinery


Artisan grounds cinnamon sticks in mortar by hand. Traditional spice processing method. Authentic ingredient preparation, close up view of

Female Business Owner In Workshop For Building Bicycles Using Digital Tablet

Potter decorating clay bell close up. Craftsman working with ceramic product. Pottery technique and tools.

RUSSIA, MOSCOW - 8 JUN 2017: Aerography. Work in an art Studio.

Medium shot of cheerful young Caucasian female painter with disability sitting in wheelchair at table in studio, drawing in sketchbook with crayons and smiling, while working alone on sunny day

Grinding metal tools with sparkles - forge workshop


Slow motion close up of a professional watchmaker repairer working on an old vintage pocket watch

Master jeweler makes handmade jewelry

Pot Made Of Clay Workshop 2

Hands of female artist holding dirty palette with different paints. Close up woman hands mixing oil paints with paintbrush. Painter hand at work in art workshop

Unknown wood master carving on wood in carpentry workshop in slow motion. Closeup unrecognized carpenter decorating wooden product in studio. Male hands using tools indoors.

Tilt up of smiling African American seamstress using ruler and drawing with tailors chalk on fabric while working in sewing studio

Medium shot with lens flare of smiling young female artist with disability sitting in wheelchair at table in studio, drawing in sketchbook with crayons, while attending art class

Designer cuts cloth with scissor, close up

Skilled artisan shaping metal with a hammer


2023-06-01 - Ramboda, Sri Lanka. Bluefield Tea Factory. Workers sort tea at a factory, operating a sifting machine, surrounded by colorful

Painting with fingers technique on canvas in art workshop.

Potter crafts a vessel with special tools. The art of creation. Professionalism, beautiful craftsmanship. Traditions, customs. Slow motion, camera stabilizer shot.

Designer creating sketch of leather product at home. Craftsman brainstorming new idea at leather workshop. Craftsman satisfied with work at home workshop. Small business owner


Genuine leather pants bels of different colours on market stall in Florence, artisan products on market counter for tourists, shopping in


Slow motion close up of a professional watchmaker repairer working on a luxury mechanism watch gea

Close up of a hand sanding a piece of wood with sandpaper in slow motion in his work shop

Medium side shot with lens flare of Caucasian female artist in jumpsuit, with curly hair working alone in studio, drawing sketch on paper with pastel crayons, bright morning sun shining in window

Sewing workshop, mixed race seamstress taking measurements of fabric by tape measure, colleague clarifying order details by cellphone

Potter at work makes ceramic dishes. India, Rajasthan.

Young African American shoemaker sitting in workshop and using pliers while repairing boots or making new footwear

Close Up Of Male Jeweller Sketching Out Design For Ring In Studio

Scultor modeling woman sculpture in modeling clay

Carpentry workshop: Cutting wooden detail with circular saw


barista make coffee latte art with coffee espresso machine in coffee shop

Front view of African American female fashion designer looking at cloth samples in workshop 4k

Wood carving made by a guy in Hoi An Vietnam

Skilled artist crafting sculpture with hammer and chisel in studio

Leather worker taking notes in home workshop. Leather maker in home office. Small business owner. Craftsman at leather production.

Tilt up shot of professional shoemaker using sewing machine while sewing leather parts together in workshop

Close-up shot of hands of anonymous female artist with bear tattoo and silver rings drawing sketch on beige paper with colourful crayons, while working alone in studio

Craftsman's hands cutting a piece of leather on the table with a knife, dolly shot, close up

A Young Woman Cutting Paper in Her Craft Room 3

Box of sewing thread reels. Fashion designer man hand digging in organizer full of different colorful threads. Seamstress working in atelier. Dressmaker seeking right color thread for needlework.

Multi-ethnic boys and girls of elementary age sitting at desk and drawing with crayons under control of African American teacher during art class

Male perfumer smelling scent of oil in dark room

Young male brewery worker carefully carrying keg of freshly brewed beer