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Dairy cows grazing. Close up of cow head eating grass on field. Dairy cow eating grass. Cattle grazing. Cows in pasture. Cattle in field. Cattle ranch. Agriculture industry

Cows Eye Close Up

Cows Eye Close up

On the farm in the pen, beautiful cows have a white black coloring, eating grass and hay, close-up of muzzle, nose Concept ecology, bio products, agricultural, milk production, livestock, love animals


Close up of cow scratching its nose on a tree

Close up of wild brown cow eating plants

Close Up Of White Cow

Holstein cow head. Close up cow face. Milk factory. Domestic animals on dairy farm. Agricultural industry. Cattle on dairy farm. Livestock farming


Farmer putting milking pump device on udder cow standing technological cowshed close up. Farm worker using milking automat setting tubes on cattle teats. Modern system for dairy production on ranch.

Close up of two cows chewing grass, 4k Panasonic gh4

close up of cow on grass field - milk cow - farming farm - country side

Extreme close up of a beautiful cow grazing

Muzzle bull close-up.


Modern milk pump technology in automated dairy farm close up. Robotic cow milking system in barn automatically getting product from udder. Technological process on agricultural ranch concept.

Cow close up of eyes

Cows slowly walking, close up

Close up of wild cows eating grass

Holstein cow calf grazing on pasture. Close up of baby cow eating hay. Milking cows grazing on territory dairy farm. Milk farm. Cattle grazing on dairy farm

Close up of two cows grazing, 4k


Man farmer giving fresh hay to black white cow standing barn stall close up. Unknown farm employee feeding cattle herd from hands in farmland. Agronomist caring domestic animals in modern cowshed.

Qurious Cow in the Meadow

Extreme close up of a black and white cow staring at the camera, 4k

Cow grazing on a green meadow. Close-up of a cow. Calf chewing grass. Farm outside the city. Agriculture.


Farm worker milking cow in industrial dairy farm close up. Unknown professional employee getting milk from udder in modern technological cowshed by hands. Production organic food on agricultural ranch

Brown cow with white spots, sharp horns and wet nose staying in the stall. It looks relaxed and interested

Close up female hands milking a cow. Close up on a woman milking a cow at a livestock farm.

Funny Close Up Portrait of Cute Friendly Cow sniffs the Camera. Alpine Cow living in green Eco Farm hight in the Mountains. Domestic animals grazing on Meadow. Amazing Nature. Living on Countryside.


Close up of stud beef bulls and cows grazing on grass in a field, in France. Eating hay and silage. Cows in field, grazing on green grass and pasture on a farming ranch

Detail And Close-up Of Cow Face In Farm

curious cows close-up Beautiful cash cows on the farm eat

Beautiful domestic animal is grazing the grass in the mountains, than cow smelling the camera. Several other gazing cows on the background. Extreme close up view of Swiss cows nose. Animal portrait.

Close up of Cow eating grass


Close up of stud beef bulls and cows grazing on grass in a field, in France. Eating hay and silage. Cows in field, grazing on green grass and pasture on a farming ranch

Milk cow feeding on farm. Close up cows eating hay in barn. Livestock in modern animal farm. Domestic animals eat hay. Agricultural farm. Cattle on dairy farm

Cows on modern farm. Close up cow on milk farm. Cow on dairy farm. Cowshed.

Close up of dairy cows in a stable

Close up on Cow Eye


Modern automated system pumping milk from cow udder in technological farm close up. Robotic milking automat working in computerized cowshed. Process production organic dairy on agricultural husbandry

Cow on milk farm. Close up milking cow on dairy farm. Cow in animal farm. Farm cattle grazing in pasture. Agricultural factory. Livestock farming

Farm for breeding cows. Milking plant. Milking of cows. A close up shot

Cow Face and Nose Animals Living In Ranch

Wild cows eating grass on green meadow

Cows udder close up. Detail view of dirty cows udder. Livestock at cattle farming.

The cow in the meadow is eating grass. At dawn, the cows eat grass.


Dairy automat pumping facility for cows in modern technological manufacture close up. Milk production automated equipment system with hoses on robotic cowshed. Computerized farming devices concept.

Close-up of the face of a cow chewing hay or fodder standing in a barn.

MUMBAI, INDIA - 10 JANUARY 2015: Black cow passing the street in Mumbai, close up.


Small white-and-brown calf lying straw in modern technological vet facility close up. Cute little cow with marked ears relaxing in cowshed stall for newborn cattle. Caring domestic animal concept.