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Aerial view of a waterfall at La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica.

Aerial view of Catarata del Toro waterfall in Costa Rica.

Jaco city touristic destination with beachfront resorts Costa Rica aerial

black sand beach with palm trees Costa Rica paradise destination aerial flight along coconut tree

Aerial view of the beach shore in Dominical, Costa Rica.

Capuchin monkey hanging in a tree and looking for food in the forest of Montezuma Costa Rica

Costa Rica Monteverde Cloud Forest Jungle Nature Rainforest Sky Tram

residential vacation houses in a tropical garden with palm trees by the ocean covering by clouds aerial top shot Costa Rica

Yellow-throated toucan eating berries in a tree Costa Rica beautiful wildlife

Amazing Nauyaca waterfalls Costa Rica aerial reveal from dense vegetation jungle

Majestic millennium oak tree covered with moss cloud forest Costa Rica tropical environment old nature

Beautiful frog on a red leaf in Costa Rica day time cute animal tropical forest

Crocodylus acutus sunbathing Costa Rica view from the bridge sunny day

Aerial view of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica.

Puntarenas city pacific coast of Costa Rica aerial back traveling sunset

Amazing aerial landscape Costa Rica mangrove coto river mountains in background blue sky

Aerial view of Turrialba volcano in the clouds high altitude vegetation sunny day Costa Rica

Path to the rio celeste waterfall Costa Rica amazing natural water turquoise colors

Manuel Antonio National Park Costa Rica People Swimming On Beach

Aerial view of Irazu volcano crater lake in Costa Rica.

Man surfing under a yellow sunset aerial shot Costa Rica series of waves

Epic woman on a galloping horse unreal mirror beach water reflection Costa Rica zancudo

little boat on muddy river by the ocean along a tropical forest Costa Rica aerial

beautiful adult female three toed sloth hanging on a tree Costa Rica Corcovado

Man People Walking Trekking Hiking Hanging Bridge Jungle Rainforest Adventure

Lush tropical forest on rocky cliffs along the pacific ocean aerial Costa Rica

Following a rocky stream river in the jungle Costa Rica aerial

Sun setting over the horizon pacific ocean view from Corcovado beach Costa Rica yellow colors

Aerial top shot over rio agujitas blue water river with jungle rainforest Costa Rica Corcovado Osa peninsula

Costa rica flag fabric texture waving in the wind

Canopy view from underneath gimbal shot deep jungle rainforest Costa Rica lots of different trees species

Cute central American squirrel monkeys Saimiri oerstedii inside a tree Costa Rica

drone shot over the blue river waterfall rio celeste Costa Rica

Drone top shot over a river in the jungle biodiversity vegetation Costa Rica during sunset

Costa Rica aerial top shot over a countryside town houses in a tropical environment

Slow motion of Nauyaca waterfalls Costa Rica following the water falling

Bird perched on a branch in the tropical forest Costa rica

Time lapse aerial over irazu volcano Costa Rica cloudy above mountains

Cute green frog on a banana leaf Costa Rica close up big eyes

Close up from a lizard looking around in the forest from Montezuma Costa Rica

Aerial view of Humpback whales in Costa Rica.

Red macaws perched on a tree seaside jungle Costa Rica aerial view exotic fauna

Montezuma beach in Costa Rica

palm oil canopy view from above beautiful pattern Costa Rica monoculture

Male Resplendent quetzal Pharomachrus mocinno Costa Rica taking off an avocado tree Costa Rica

River meanders in the middle of mangroves Costa Rica aerial sunny day natural water curvy river

Aerial view of Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica.

yellow-throated toucan ramphastos ambiguus perched in a tree eating berries Costa Rica wildlife