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Serious-looking police officer with badge standing near his car and looking at camera

Young Caucasian detective looking around and knocking into house door. Man with brown eyes and beard working in police patrol. Law enforcement, police officer.

Detective speaking on phone while standing near his car

New York Police officers at Macys parade 2015 4k

Police officer stopping the driver of a vehicle and questioning him over an alleged offence through the open window of the car

Close-up of police officer chevron. Policeman typing in tablet as crying blurred Caucasian woman talking to him at the background. Police protection, law enforcement, serve and protect.

Bearded Caucasian police officer holding tablet and questioning female crime victim. Young brunette woman sitting on couch, face closed with hands. Lawbreaking, robbery, break-in, police protection.

Police Officer at intersection in slow motion

Back of Police Officer on street

Police officer arresting criminal, putting him on car trunk and reading rights for him

Police Officer in black shirt near street


Back of police officer standing guard slow motion

Man hands shooting with gun. Police officer pushing finger on trigger of pistol. Male killer making two shots from weapon with sparks. Closeup soldier using firearm

Close view of police officer with flashlight checking warehouse and smoking

Courageous policeman running in hurry on underground parking with patrol car on background. Emotional police officer screaming during detention of criminal. Male cop aiming gun

Medium shot of a stern policeman talking to the camera

A police car lights at an accident scene at night out of focus

FBI At Crime Scene At Night

Police officer puts handcuffs on arrested man at night and leads him to a police car

Two Policemen Walking Among Pedestrians

Sheriff River Patrol Boat

Back view of young unrecognizable Caucasian woman talking with police officer. Blurred detective typing on tablet. Focused on female witness. Testimony, law enforcement.

State Trooper Directs Riot Police During Protest

Police Suv Sitting Stopped Intersection In Las Vegas 4 K

Young African American New Orleans Police officer at Hermes Parade 4k

Police directing traffic hand held


Police stand watch at parade Huber Heights 4k

African police detective showing pictures of suspected robber's accomplice. In the background there is a female detective writing notes of the interrogation.

Police lights at accident at night

Car Accident at Night

Policeman Removes Helmet As Woman Passes

Homeland Security Officer Directing Foot Traffic

Policeman stopping a driver in a car to question him through the window on a traffic offence

Special forces soldier with a gun close up

detective at crime scene looking at camera

detective putting his badge on

Police officers standing on Canal street waiting for Hermes parade 4k

Police Officer Work Being Dropped On His Desk

Male Driver Being Stopped By Female Traffic Police Officer With Digital Tablet For Driving Offence

Police officer removes handcuffs from arrested man

Police officer speaking on phone while standing near his car

Two policemen stands near building after gas explosion inside living premise

Police officer sitting in car with detained man while writing ticket

CSI looking at shell casings

Police Dog Searching For Explosives

Police officer arresting a perpetrator in a hoodie holding him down on the ground after catching him in an illegal act or crime

New York Police protecting the Macys Thanksgiving Parade 4k

Police Officer In Sketchy Hallway With Gun