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Confident salesman financial advisor explaining deal details to arabic client.

Serious businessman having meeting with clients in office. Male executive discussing terms of contract with business partners. Handsome business man consulting customers about financial profit

Confident businesswoman discussing contract with customers. Female sales manager showing financial report on clipboard to client in office. Serious business woman convincing partners to make deal

Mixed race businesswoman and businessman convincing business partner to make deal. Multi ethnic entrepreneurs talking with customer in office. Businessman reading contract on clipboard

Side view of confident handsome Middle Eastern men talking and shaking hands in office with blurred coworkers at background. Successful millennial business partners making deal. Cooperation concept.

African american businessman presenting business offer for business partners at meeting in conference room, businessman influencing on clients decision with negotiation selling skill, convincing

Closeup african hipster guy discussing project in hipster office. Afro business man speaking by laptop at workplace. African american male manager convincing colleague by video chat indoors

Professional employee consulting customer in hardware store. Portrait of confident handsome Caucasian man choosing supplies in shop. Seller persuading client indoors. Masculinity and lifestyle.

Anxious nervous Middle Eastern manager explaining business strategy in video chat pointing at graphs talking and gesturing. Portrait of busy confident professional man working online from home office.

Portrait of confident woman talking in video chat looking at camera. Front view of professional Caucasian female manager brainstorming online with colleagues on lockdown remote working.

Video chat POV of confident beautiful Asian woman talking in slow motion discussing business startup idea online. Portrait of professional expert brainstorming from home office on coronavirus lockdown.

Middle Eastern businessman talking gesturing conferencing online on remote working. Portrait of professional manager persuading brainstorming in video chat. Lockdown and international business.

Portrait of confident persuasive Caucasian man conferencing online showing graph convincing business partners. Blurred colleague standing at background in office. Confidence and negotiations concept.

Busy Middle Eastern pregnant young woman talking on phone analyzing project at home. Portrait of serious concentrated beautiful expectant working remotely indoors. Multitasking and pregnancy.

Confident Caucasian man consulting young charming woman choosing supplies in hardware store. Concentrated beautiful female shopper talking with male seller in building supplies shop.

Confident Caucasian man explaining project to business partner or colleague in glass office. Portrait of handsome successful businessman convincing coworker. Cooperation and teamwork concept.


Wide shot busy young man talking on phone walking in modern comfortable office. Portrait of successful Caucasian manager strolling in slow motion negotiating on smartphone.

Video call POV of confident manager explaining business idea pointing at graph on whiteboard in home office. Portrait of engaged Middle Eastern man talking in virtual conference indoors.

African american businessman presenting business offer for business partners at meeting in conference room, businessman influencing on clients decision with negotiation selling skill, convincing

Front view portrait of confident Caucasian male expert in headphones conferencing online in office using laptop as coworker passing talking on phone at background. Professional man persuading partner.

Female CEO asking male employee present business strategy idea for coworkers in office. Confident Caucasian man talking and explaining plan on graphs for colleagues in meeting room.

Young blogger aggressively advertising product on camera. Handsome guy convincing to buy product sitting at coworking. Powerful vlogger recording video advertise at workplace.

Gorgeous young woman talking with man in office. Portrait of beautiful colleague discussing business project with male coworker indoors. Confidence and teamwork concept.

Young blogger recording advertise video at workspace. Handsome guy convincing to buy product. Concentrated vlogger streaming video at coworking space.

Old man in suit having business conversation on phone. Convincing and persuading. Windows background.

Confidence business man recording presentation on camera at coworking. Young man showing charts sitting in front of camera. Serious vlogger presenting results to colleagues in office.


Side view thoughtful sad teenage girl with positive pregnancy test sitting on gynecological chair with doctor persuading on abortion. Problem of adolescent pregnancy and health care.

Young confident businessman talking on phone with sunrays at background. Portrait of handsome Middle Eastern elegant man discussing business idea standing outdoors in sunshine.

Web camera POV of joyful female Middle Eastern blogger talking and smiling sitting at table indoors. Beautiful positive young woman blogging at home. Modern lifestyle and remote working.

Portrait of warehouse manager in uniform persuading convincing supervisor in suit pointing at packed freight outdoors on sunny day. Middle Eastern man talking in slow motion to Caucasian inspector.

Professional Caucasian male manager recording voice mail on smartphone standing in office with documents. Portrait of serious expert man talking analyzing paperwork at window indoors.

Group of successful colleagues discussing business strategy in office. Confident professional Caucasian coworkers talking planning startup management in meeting room. Entrepreneurship concept.

Cheerful confident businessman patting shoulder and talking to senior partner in office. Portrait of successful young Caucasian man convincing investor for startup investment. Partnership and success.

Three male and female business partners are communicating and drinking tea

Professional female car dealer talking with male client in dealership explaining car features. Portrait of beautiful confident woman and handsome successful man discussing purchase in slow motion.

Handsome confident young man signing warranty for goods in hardware store and receiving box from salesman. Portrait of Caucasian millennial buying household appliances with guarantee.

Confident young African American man opening laptop and typing on keyboard sitting in living room at home. Portrait of successful handsome businessman working online on lockdown. New normal lifestyle.

Web camera POV of African American young man talking in slow motion sitting at home indoors. Close-up portrait of confident professional freelancer working online discussing project.

Back view wide shot of confident man walking in office corridor talking on phone. Successful Caucasian male CEO strolling in hallway discussing business on smartphone. Live camera tracking shot.


Front view serious concentrated Caucasian man walking in office hallway talking on phone. Dolly shot portrait of young confident manager discussing new project on smartphone gesturing strolling.

Stressed worried young woman standing with tablet talking on phone in slow motion as blurred colleagues working at background. Anxious beautiful Caucasian employee solving business problem.

Portrait of serious Middle Eastern expert showing graphs talking looking at camera. Virtual conference POV of professional young man persuading colleagues in idea profitability from home office.

Young professional Caucasian man presenting business project to colleagues on coronavirus pandemic in office. Portrait of male expert talking explaining idea standing in boardroom with coworkers.

Portrait of focused young bearded Caucasian man talking on phone writing on adhesive notes standing at glass door in office. Close-up concentrated handsome manager negotiating with partners.

Wide shot expert seller talking standing in furniture showroom as woman sitting down on bed checking orthopedic mattress. Professional Caucasian salesman advertising comfortable furnishings to client.

Inspired serious Caucasian woman talking holding toy house in hand. Portrait of confident politician declaring campaign on available housing estate. Politics and social issues.

Portrait of smiling confident young man presenting business plan in office for colleagues. Positive successful Caucasian employee discussing startup project with coworkers indoors. Teamwork concept.

Young businessman convincing partners to make deal consulting giving presentation to caucasian clients, answers different questions presenting financial statistics report, slow motion