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Large big table standing in the conference room

WS Businesswoman giving presentation in conference room, Covent Garden, London, England, United Kingdom

junior asian executive presenting business plan to team during staff meeting in modern office conference room

Blurred Conference Room With Crowd of People

Colleagues in Conference Room, Slow Motion


Busy corporate team typing on laptops in office. Diverse group of multicultural coworkers focused on computer work together

DS WS Office hallway to empty conference room / China

Business Team Facing Work Challenges in Office Conference Room

Camera Reveal Of A Conference Room Within A Modern Office Space

Camera Reveal Of A Modern Office Conference Room

Multinational Business People on Meeting in Modern Ofice, Sitting in Conference Room. Discussing about New Project. Businessmen Tally Up month Growth. Using Modern Devices, Having Documents on Table.

Executives discussing over blueprint in conference room 4k


Team of business professionals intently watches presentation on green screen monitor, ready for interactive engagement in high-tech meeting room. Executives participates in video conference call

Blurred Conference Room With Crowd of People

PAN slowmo of multi-ethnic male and female business investors negotiating in bright modern conference room

Young director presenting to colleagues in conference room, graded

Blurred Conference Room With Crowd of People

Multi-ethnic team of start-up entrepreneurs, software engineers, have meeting in the modern office conference room. Creative team discuss, plan social media strategy.

Rows of chairs in the conference room


Diverse coworkers receiving bad news in office during team meeting in conference room

Long table standing in a big conference room

Likable serious confident bearded leader of group of mixed race ecological experts doing presentation on digital whiteboard during joint meeting in boardroom

Diverse team of office workers looking through papers, discussing business strategy of company, working on startup project. CEO leading business meeting in conference room. Teamwork and brainstorming

Dolly shot of big table in the conference room

Young Asian professional being interviewed by HR executives in a modern corporate conference room

Dolly-in shot of male CEO in suit and glasses sitting at head of table in conference room in office and conducting meeting about finances


Team of focused professionals deep in discussion over documents, critical nature of strategy and decision-making in corporate setting

We Invite You to Business Training/Empty conference room waits for the participants to enter the room. Everything is ready for business training to begin

PAN of African businessman in suit holding tablet and speaking before audience in conference room with glass walls

MS TU Business people having meeting in conference room, Covent Garden, London, England, United Kingdom

Panning slowmo shot of contemporary two-floor office with business people having meeting in glass conference room


Company colleagues working in conference room together close up. Multi racial corporate team discussing business strategy at morning meeting

Dolly shot og table in the conference room

Executives discussing over blueprint in conference room 4k

Positive board of directors meeting on conference room

Large conference room with many seats


Team of professionals engages in focused group discussion in modern office. Woman takes notes, capturing key points as meeting unfolds. Managers brainstorming, executives planning strategy

Business executives discussing in conference room 4k

Business partners in conference room talking to each other while there is a big green screen chroma mock up TV in the background. Static 4K shot

Business Partners having Meeting in Conference room, one explaining his Ideas. Discussing about Future Projects. Using Tablet and Board, showing Annual Results. Making Presentation in Office.

Multi-ethnic business people discussing over blueprint in the conference room at modern office 4 4k

The gray-haired businessman talks about sales volumes and demand for virtual reality, standing next to a white board in a conference room


Office coworkers collaborating in conference room at business meeting. Young female ceo talking with group explaining management strategy.

Businessman giving presentation using flipchart in conference room behind glass wall

Caucasian businesswoman using digital tablet in the conference room at modern office 4k


Tired office team discussing business problem together in conference room. Interracial business staff engaged in meeting solving work issues


Young female boss listening to ideas of creative team working in modern office. Multiethnic group of coworkers discussing business plan in conference room.


Female boss explaining strategy company to colleagues in conference room. Businesswoman discussing work with young team in office boardroom.