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Skilled pastry chef decorates cupcakes with cream

Bottom view of professional female confectioner sprinkling powdered sugar on pink marshmallows on the table with violet flowers in the plate in the stylish kitchen.

Woman Mixing Ingredients with Whisk, Following Recipe

Confectioner decorating biscuits with yummy cream. Baker covers cakes with cream in kitchen in pastry shop. Manufacturing of pastry at food factory.

Chef squeezes cream. Chocolate icing on the cake. White cake covered with chocolate and cream. Chocolate cake decoration. Cake Rustic. Pastry. Pastry Chef. Modern Cake.

Young blond girl, professional confectioner, wearing white apron and chef's hat, cooking in cozy light kitchen interior, using mixer or food

Icing the fruit cake. Woman is covering layered sponge cake by white buttercream. Yummy creamy pastry with fruits.

Confident professional confectioner decorating muffins with blue topping. Portrait of concentrated Caucasian woman in coronavirus face mask working in candy store kitchen indoors. Culinary and job.

Artisan Chef Creates Handmade Chocolate Bars - Meticulous Process in 4k 120 fps Prores HQ

Front view of focused young man in face mask decorating cake with chocolate. Professional confectioner spreading topping on bakery table.

Whipping white sweet cream for cake in the container

Professional male cook in uniform and Covid face mask beating eggs in slow motion as woman working at background. Confident concentrated Caucasian bakers cooks in kitchen on coronavirus outbreak.

Woman chef preparing decorated cupcakes with berries and confetti close-up. Professional confectioner showing cooked muffins with cream on top, tasty dessert. Baking sweet food, bakery at home.

Cook sifts flour and sugar decorating baked products in the bakery

Confectioner adds roasted hazelnuts to the handmade chocolate bar, the art of chocolate, cooking desserts from chocolate and cocoa, making bars, sweet desserts, 4k 120 fps Prores HQ

Cookies decoration with a pastry syringe. Slow motion decoration of pink biscuits with chocolate. Cake decorations at bakery.

Male Caucasian hands in black gloves spinning rotating table adding chocolate topping on delicious baked cake. Unrecognizable baker confectioner decorating tasty pastry in commercial kitchen.


Close up view of confectioner coating creamy lolly pop in green sweet glaze. gastro art, Restaurant dessert concept


Chef confectioner making chocolate with nuts, dry fruits close-up. Cooking desserts. Bakery and candy market. Cafe and restaurant sweets.

Cooking fruits Jam, Process of making homemade strawberry jam. Red sweet syrup boiling on the stove closeup. Boiling Homemade Strawberry

Chef decorating cake with fruits in slow motion. Confectionery bakery process.


Close Up Decorating Cake With A Pastry Bag With Cream

Charming female baker smiling to the camera at her bakery store

Confectioner Woman is Decorating Delicious Cake. Decorating cake with blueberry.

Close up view of confectioners hand putting a chocolate garnish decoration on the top of vanilla mousse pastry desert. Luxury cuisine, delicious, top

Closeup dark melted chocolate mixing with spatula in slow motion. Macro of mixing liquid chocolate with spatula. Dark chocolate stream falling into bowl.


Pastry Pag Adding Cream On Top Of Cake Decoration

A confectioner adding some butter into a bowl with a mixer...

Portrait of Caucasian man helping woman cooking cake in commercial kitchen. Professional confectioner teaching trainee in candy store. Baking and cuisine on coronavirus pandemic.

Talented pastry chef showcasing delightful macaroons in a commercial kitchen

Talented baker in white tunic with plate of marshmallows in stylish kitchen. Portrait shot.


Pastry Pag Adding Cream On Top Of Cake Decoration Preparing Sweet Dessert

Pastry Chef Fills Cookies with Cream and Jam for Mini Cakes

Close-up of pregnant housewife, female chef confectioner whipping fresh cream by hand using a whisk, standing by a worktop in the home

A professional confectioner decorating several mono portions with raspberries and blackberries...


Pastry Pag Adding Cream On Top Of Cake Decoration Cooking Cake

confectioner Cake Decorating. squeezing out the cream from a tube

Mixing white cream with red stand mixer. Food industry, production industry. Cream in bowl with motor mixer, baking cake. Slow motion.

Professional confectioners working together in a bakery store


Pastry Pag Adding Cream On Top Of Cake Decoration Cooking Cake 2

Mousse pink cake, creamy dessert close-up. Honey biscuits, raspberry-cowberry confit, almond streusel, yogurt white chocolate mousse made with honey and lime zest.

Kneading a thick dough with white flour. Mixing dough and flour. Flour changing colour while stirring.

Woman tasting chocolate cupcakes with cream on top in the kitchen. Confectioner preparing muffins.

Shot of a female chocolatier decorating chocolate mold with airbrush, preparing to make chocolate candy. Cheerful African female confectioner making desserts at her kitchen.

Close up of chef decorating cakes with colorful macaroons in a modern kitchen

Skilled chef preparing tasty confectionery in commercial kitchen


Pastry Pag Adding Cream On Top Of Cake Decoration Cooking And Preparing Cake Dessert


Confectioner making french macaron in snowman form dessert close-up. Sandwich cookie filled with a ganache or jam inside. Christmas sweets.