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4K Hands of Symphony Orchestra Conductor at outdoor night concert

A conductor is conducting with a baton

Four concentrated mixed race doctors-interns which working together during the lecture about the structure of human body which conducting experienced doctor-mentor

Team of medical researchers conducting vaccine development with help of high tech, test tubes, micropipette analysing results and planning next steps working at night in modern equipped laboratory

Microscope is used for conducting planned, research experiments, educational demonstrations in medical and health institutions, laboratories

Lecturer conducting a laboratory experiment in medical school watched by diverse multiracial young hospital students or interns, focus to his hand and the test tube

Conducting a corporate presentation

Corona virus outbreak - scientist in a lab developing coronavirus vaccine

Medium shot of unrecognizable medical scientist in disposable coveralls, respirator mask, goggles and gloves writing notes and looking into microscope while conducting research in laboratory

Scientist conducting experiments in a pharmaceutical laboratory

Medical research scientist conducting DNA experiments under microscope in modern equipped laboratory. Multiethnic team examining virus evolution using high tech for vaccine development against covid19

Scientist conducting experiments in a pharmaceutical laboratory


Football coach explains to players the tactics of conducting a match on a piece of paper, close-up

Female researcher conducting an experiment in lab

Male scientist conducting research in chemical lab. Scientist working with chemical liquid in research laboratory. Scientist filling test tubes with samples in laboratory. Scientist working in lab

Skilled mentor coach trainer conducting educational lecture, showing market statistics.

Chemist coworkers in ppe suit planning conducting vaccine against new virus in modern equipped laboratory. Team of scientists analysing vaccine evolution using high tech for researching treatment

Group of people with female in front in medical gowns and protective suits conducting experiments

Scientist conducting research in laboratory for fossil fuel

Close up of unrecognizable therapist holding clipboard and conducting session with male patient lying on couch

Positive mixed race female teacher communicating with listener using webcam and zoom application on laptop computer. Attractive young woman conducting business training via online video chat


Multinational high school students listening to female teacher conducting biology classes using human dummy with open internal organs. Diverse teen pupils learning human insides in biology lesson

Young nurse typing on computer keyboard in high end tech research center while the doctor is conducting studies on the computers in the background

Slow-motion close-up of male scientist conducting microbiology experiment of comparing artificial cultured meat samples in petri dishes with pink gel substance

Tracking shot of male medical scientist or chemist in full protective gear dropping unknown chemicals into flask and observing reaction while conducting research in laboratory

PAN shot of male CEO in face mask standing by whiteboard used as projector screen and showing line chart while conducting meeting with team of colleagues in office

Young caucasian girl running in morning. Hardy woman jogging on embankment of river or in park. Slender woman athlete conducting training on street. Preparing for marathon. Healthy lifestyle

Back view of armed military men following the chain while walking through darkness and smoke of ruined building. Special forces unit conducting anti-terrorist action inside captured by enemy territory

Band saw on metal conducting metalworking at plant. Metal cutting machine working in workshop. Mechanical hacksaw on hacksaw cutting machine close up while cutting. Industrial equipment at factory

Pharmaceutical researcher in lab. Woman scientist mixing liquid in test tube. Lab technician conducting pharmaceutical research. Close up of pharmaceutical scientist working with liquid in flask

Male doctor conducting endoscopic examination with his team

head physician of clinic is conducting online conference with doctors of hospital at morning, male therapist is listenig

Attractive redhead female fortune teller in black cape predicting future of woman's personal life, conducting palm reading while practicing divination in dimmed rural house on halloween.

Medical research scientist conducting DNA experiments under microscope in equipped laboratory. Team chemist doctors examining virus evolution using high tech for vaccine development against covid19

African scientist male doctor conducting biochemical experiments, research two test tubes with red liquid, working in chemical lab

Massage - woman massage therapist is conducting a back massage

Scientist hands working with laboratory equipment. Laboratory woman conducting research in lab environment. Closeup of female scientist working with chemical liquid. Woman working with ph meter in lab

Medical research scientist in coverall conducting vaccine development under digital microscope in a biological applied science laboratory. Lab engineer in ppe suit working on medical treatment

Medium shot of middle-aged female psychotherapist with clipboard sitting in chair and conducting couples therapy

Tracking shot of middle eastern businessman in eyeglasses speaking with man and woman while conducting job interview in the office

Back view of doctor in protection suit analyzing virus evolution looking on digital tablet. Team of scientists conducting vaccine development using high tech for researching treatment against covid19

Scientist working with modern laboratory equipment in lab. Doctor conducting research. Researcher in lab. Lab worker wear safety glasses. Clinician doing scientific experiment. Chemical research

Positive music teacher conducting and singing together with children in classroom. Beautiful Caucasian woman teaching schoolchildren in public school. Creativity and tutoring concept.

adult man is conducting webinar, talking at web camera of laptop, blogger or specialist is lecturing from apartment

Professional beautiful female boxer otbryvatyvat blows conducting a fight with a shadow in a dark hall of the hall in slow motion in blue clothes and red bandages on her wrists. zoom camera. steadicam


Woman scientist mixing together two liquid substances. Scientific discoveries spbas . Laboratory assistant pouring yellow and blue reagents, conducting experiments. concept reaction


Medium shot of young African-American businessman in glasses holding document and conducting meeting with business colleagues in office


Tracking shot of male fashion designer with prosthetic leg standing before whiteboard with idea for garment drawn on it and conducting meeting with seamstresses