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Close up of african american woman working on computer in electronics laboratory. Doing Development of Software and Hardware. She wearing a lab coat. Side view

Selective focus shot of technical engineer in coveralls and gloves holding computer chip and examining it in lab

Side view of young electronics engineer being engaged in his research on computer in lab. He finding new technological methods. Professional Writing on Programming Code.

Close up shot with rack focus from female scientist in white coat working on computer and observing white lab rat in glass tank


Medium closeup with slowmo of male technician in coveralls, respiratory mask and gloves with special magnifying eyewear inspecting computer chip in laboratory

High angle shot of female electronics engineer using microscope and examining magnified images of circuit board on computers at lab desk

Tracking shot of two multiethnic electronics engineers in coverall suits, masks and gloves discussing computer components while working together on hardware development in laboratory

Young Indian male working at computer workstation in lab 4k

Tilt up shot of African American male engineer discussing computer chip with Asian female colleague in laboratory

Concept of computer, motherboard, hardware and technology. Laboratory technician holds a powerful processor in his hands. CPU computer processor shallow focus. CPU socket of the computer's motherboard

Scientist in lab coat working at a computer in modern equipped laboratory. Multiethnic team examining vaccine evolution using high tech and chemistry tools for scientific research, virus development

Rack focus of anonymous person in latex glove tapping monitor of computer during work in modern genetic laboratory

Black doctor using computer in lab


Slowmo closeup of unrecognizable technician in gloves and coveralls examining computer chip under magnifying glass in lab

Young engineer in mask holds in hand CPU processor. Quality control laboratory for manufacturing technological computer devices

Scientist working with computer equipment in modern research lab. Researcher working with equipment in research laboratory. Doctor working in modern medical laboratory

Scientist working at a computer in the lab

Woman brings data into the computer laboratory


Slowmo closeup of gloved hands of electronics engineer inspecting computer chip under magnifying glass in scientific lab

Man using computer lab in dark

Woman chemist taking notes and using computer for experiment in laboratory. Specialist working on scientific development, doing research study and writing on paper in science lab.

Tilt up shot of African American male technical engineer in gloves and glasses looking at computer circuit board with electronic components in laboratory

Young male sitting in computer lab smiling at screen 4k

Male scientist looking under microscope in medical development laboratory, entering data in computer. Specialists working on medicine, biotechnology research in advanced pharma lab

MS Schoolboys and schoolgirls using computer in computer laboratory

Medium slowmo of two male engineers in coveralls and respiratory masks studying computer components in lab, looking at data on vertical monitor

Female scientist working in laboratory. Lab worker typing test report on computer. Scientist woman working on scientist laptop. Lab woman in scientific laboratory. Science laboratory woman working

Child in computer lab at school

From above slowmo of Biracial male electronics engineer in lens loupe eyewear inspecting computer chip, working in modern scientific laboratory


Slowmo closeup of male technician in protective coveralls, respiratory mask, gloves and special magnifying eyewear inspecting computer chip in lab

Man working on computer in lab 4k

Selective focus shot of hand of engineer in sterile glove holding computer microprocessor in laboratory

Caucasian woman and African American man in protective masks, glasses and gloves discussing microscopic image on computer and then reading paper while working together in laboratory

concentrated male chemist in gloves examining sample under microscope connected to computer Spbd. scientific research experiment in chemical laboratory. concept expertise

Selective focus tracking shot of lab engineer in gloves and coveralls holding computer chip

Laughing adult male in computer lab classroom on internet 4k

Back view of male medical practitioner in mask browsing data on computer and examining X ray while working in modern laboratory

Tilt up slowmo shot of young female scientist in white coat, gloves and glasses typing on computer in laboratory while her male and female colleagues working in background

Team of scientists doing biological researches under microscope, lab technician writing data in computer in modern equipped laboratory Group of doctors examining virus evolution using high tech.

MS TU R/F Schoolboys and schoolgirls using computer in computer laboratory

Team of electronics engineers in white coats working on the computers in advanced laboratory. Smart people working together. Back view

Female scientist in protective coverall suit and medical gloves working with microscope connected to computer and taking notes at desk in laboratory

Electronics Development Engineers in white coats working on personal computers in laboratory. They testing electronics and providing analysis

Close-up of installing processor, assembling motherboard in evening, holding CPU detail for gadget in protective blue gloves. Repairing computer components in modern electronic devices laboratory.

Medium slowmo of Caucasian male biotechnologist overworking by computer in lab at night and his African American assistant bringing him thick folder with documents

Modern medical research laboratory with two scientists using computer with green chroma key screen. Doctors specialists discussing innovative treatment, advanced scientific lab for medicine.

doctor at working place forensics science or chemist engineer working with laptop in laboratory. Adult man wearing in lab coat typing on computer

Tilt down shot of Asian female engineer using screwdriver repairing computer circuit board in laboratory