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Paths to everywhere, career, choice, complicated, decision, direction.

4K Writing Complicated MAth Formula

Complicated Difficult Challenging Complications Word Cycle 3 D Animation

Nervous anxious young man twitching and having a minor panic attack in front of a complex math problem on a chalkboard

Portrait of a intelligent young woman nodding her head yes and thinking in front a complicated science or math formula written on a blackboard

Video Background 2013: Streaming data code forms pulse and shift (Loop).

Video Background 1134: Formula, algebra and code calculate (Loop).

Traveling through a labyrinth of digital data (Loop).

Data Storm 0556: Traveling through a labyrinth of data (Loop).

Traveling through a maze of formula, algebra and computer code (Loop).

Kaleido 1058: Futuristic digital technology kaleidoscope (Loop).

Complexity Detail Involved Elaborate Word 3 D Animation

Beautiful young smart woman in her early 20s or late teens standing in front of a complicated math or science problem turning around and smiling at the camera

High School blackboard with a graph and some physics calculations. Physic Science concept.

4k hand draw animation - concept of transition from complicated to simple, isolated on white background


Silhouette of guy doing rollerskating tricks on ramp. Teenager showing impressive skills riding in spotlight in dark studio. View on nightlife youth culture. Concept of lifestyle, freeskate.

The young guy assiduously does push-ups on one hand. Complicated. Beautiful nature, meadow, clear sky. Overview footage

Video Background 1471: Traveling through a digital maze of data (Loop).

Video Background 2336: A radial kaleidoscope of data code (Loop).


Three teenage girls dancing in spotlight in dark studio. Young carefree millenials rehearsing moves for stage number. Ladies having great time together. Concept of youth, lifestyle, cinematography.


Guy on roller skates performing dancing moves. Man doing breakdance moves while skating on spotlight in dark studio. Extreme jamming as part of night lifestyle. Concept youth, nightlife.


Group of teenage girls roller-skating in dark studio. Millennials rehearse trick moves practicing freeskating style. Young females trying new extreme nightlife lifestyle. Concept of youth, pop culture

Happy smiling professor, scientist, or math genius looking directly at the camera standing in front of a blackboard

Data Storm 0554: Traveling through a digital labyrinth of data (Loop).


Group of teenagers watching footage of them roller skating on camera. Girl holding video camera in hands checking recording of friends doing tricks and pulling dance moves. Concept of youth, nightlife

Future Shapes 1023: Futuristic 3D geometry spherical structure (Loop with Matte).

Young male college student takes his mobile phone out to take a photo of a complex math problem on a chalkboard in slow motion

Hairdresser created complicated evening at barbershop salon. Close-up, she corrects hair braids and ornaments. Slow motion

Complicated situation. Close up of depressed girl holding pregnancy test while feeling nervous and downhearted

Male professor teaching a young female student in her early 20s or late teens a complicated math or science lesson in a college or high school classroom

Footage of white plastic milk bottles sorted at the production line and moving forward to be packed...

Data Storm 0311: Traveling through a maze of digital data (Loop).

Traveling through a maze of data (Loop).

Doctor Examines Brain On MRI Scanner

Young woman working on a complicated school assignment on a chalkboard with her male teacher helping her in a classroom

Two groups of students collaborating together on math and science problems using both a blackboard and a digital tablet in a classroom

Close shot of cabin interior of Airbus A319 A320 A321. Flight deck and pedestal. Thrust and thrust reverse control levers with co-pilot's hand in white shirt

Video Background 2480: A futuristic technology grid flickers and shifts (Loop).

Three students all understand a science or math lesson from their teacher during a tutoring session in a classroom

6 June, 2014, Donetsk, Ukraine, Elements Dental. Health and dental care, female dentist and her assistant nurse at work at modern office with client. Complicated dental surgery.

A 3D printer builds a shape

Young female college university student walking up to and studying a complex math problem written on a chalkboard in slow motion

Footage of milk bottles at the production line in a milk company

Young male college university student finishing a complex math problem on a chalkboard in slow motion

Future Shapes 1011: Abstract geometry with wireframe triangles and squares (Loop).

Video Background 2331: Futuristic wireframe geometry structure (Loop).

Data Storm 0663: Traveling through a digital labyrinth of data (Loop).

A floor level view on a white robotic vacuum cleaner at work.