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The businessman is presenting his project on holographic background

The people sitting at the table and talk at the business conference. slow motion

Bearded Businessman Presenting Successful Project with Graphics

The businessman discussing cases with his team

Corridor of modern industrial plant

people walking in the city. modern skyline architecture. business buildings

Likable serious confident bearded leader of group of mixed race ecological experts doing presentation on digital whiteboard during joint meeting in boardroom

Silhouette Of Businessmen Standing In Front Of High End Office Buildings

Business team meeting involved diverse people participating in creative sustainable ideas steadicam shot across boardroom table shared work space

Confident team leader discussing project with colleagues.

The business team are discussing business strategy

Female coworker analysing charts in the conference room. Corporate meeting.

Colleagues in Conference Room, Slow Motion

Two unrecognizable men wearing suits sitting at office desk working together on business plan strategy using pen and papers

Diverse team of office workers looking through papers, discussing business strategy of company, working on startup project. CEO leading business meeting in conference room. Teamwork and brainstorming

Serious entrepreneur holding smartphone sitting office near panoramic window. Focused businessman using cellphone in modern workplace. Thoughtful company employee texting message on mobile phone.

High angle view shot of seven business people sitting at table in board room working on new contract together

Unrecognizable man and woman wearing suits working together on finance documents discussing important issues

Diverse Team Brainstorming for New Start-up. Business Professionals Sharing Ideas. Office Collaboration in Slow Motion.

Successful Business Person Working in Corporate Financial District Cityscape

The business man walks down the hallway to the office.

The business people discuss something at the business conference

business buildings. company. glass architecture. aerial view

Young director presenting to colleagues in conference room, graded

Businessman looking outside the window in conference room before the meeting. Dolly slider 4K footage

Front view of group of six businesspeople of different ethnicities walking to meeting together and talking to each other

Chief executive officer talking with colleagues about financial success in company. Multi ethnic business team clapping hands in office. Happy business people celebrating success in conference room

Confident male team leader explaining project results to coworkers.

Executive manager presenting sales reports, financial evolution of start up company during conference meeting. Multiracial group of people working in boardroom discussing, briefing, planning project.

Concentrated dark-skinned businessman explaining the graphs on flip chart board during business presentatioin for considerate purposeful business people

People shaking hands for the confirmation of the deal

Boss showing his employees a document in office discussion

The group of business people entering the room

Front view of good-looking confident experienced diverse group of workers which sitting in boardroom during meeting with blond female chief as to the business project

Two businessman discussing project ideas at negotiations meeting.

Young Professionals Meeting in Creative Office

modern futuristic glass hallway. people group team together. business company

The old businessman talks to his team. slow motion

In Creative Office Productive Coworkers Standing at the Table, Company Meeting. Business People Talking Strategy With Tablet. Teamwork And Social Concepts.

The businessman and his assistant discuss business strategy. slow motion

Colleague co-workers gathered together working discuss current issues common tasks business workplace skilled technology strategy communication project man corporate assistance office slow motion

Office manager checking documents at panorama window rear view. Man read papers at sea panorama window. Unknown businessman finance expert working holding company report. Investor analyzing deal.

Professional reviewing business documents and statistics for research plan in coworking space.

Successful Businessman Celebrating by Glass Skyscraper

Creative business team at table in a modern startup office. female speaker offers a great idea and the team supports her

Start up of Successful Business Team. Close up view of Creative Team Working at the Office. Agreeing Business Plan. Successful Modern Company. Businessman Using Digital Device. Slow Motion.

African american businessman presenting business offer for business partners at meeting in conference room, businessman influencing on clients decision with negotiation selling skill, convincing