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Dollying-in high-angle shot with slowmo of young diverse students raising their hands to answer having Geometry lesson with male mid-adult Mixed-race university professor in big lecture hall

Rear-view medium slowmo of male university professor standing at blackboard having conversation with group of young cheerful multiethnic students raising their hands to answer

College professor teaching his students

Rear-view waist-up slowmo shot of bold mid-adult professor giving lecture to small group of diverse male and female students pointing at blackboard

Tracking shot of smiling group of diverse college students sitting at desks in lecture theater and listening to teacher during lecture


Hands of the Lecturer while he Gives Lecture to a Classroom Full Of Students. Young People Listening to a Lecture in the University


Group of happy cheerful multiracial graduates on graduation gowns and mortarboards receiving diplomas from african college dean, expressing excitement and joy during outdoor graduation ceremony.

Rear-view medium slowmo of group of multiethnic university students entering big lecture hall while male mid-adult professor writing topic of lesson on blackboard

Portrait of scientist man with mathematical equations background. He put on his glasses and smile at camera. Clever and smart teacher lecturer concept. Let's study!

college professor teaching his class

People near main building of National Technical University of Ukraine, KPI

Medium slowmo of male mid-adult Mixed-race professor in smart casualwear and eyeglasses walking along rows in big auditorium watching students writing in their copybooks

a young lecturer at the medical university, telling about the structure of the heart

Medium shot of female university professor solving complex calculus problem on blackboard

Rear view of male university professor solving complex calculus problem on blackboard

A college professor teaching his university students

High-angle shot of male mid-adult university professor drawing geometric figures on blackboard teaching students Maths in big auditorium

African american student waving professor during virtual videocall conference meeting studying online math lesson using elearning college platform. Black woman working remote from home

Camera circling around a college professor and a small student study group learning about math and chemistry while using paper notebooks and pens in a classroom in slow motion

Tracking shot of middle aged woman in glasses delivering lecture to group of students of different ethnicities sitting in lecture hall

People at school, student raising hand and asking question to professor during class in college, Law School, University of Havana, Cuba


Side-view medium shot of group of young multiethnic medical students in white coats applauding to professor sitting in row in modern lecture hall

Flight Einstein formula on a black background

University production a large audience, students write in the lecture notebooks and laptops

Handheld tracking shot with close up of male university professor writing math formula on chalkboard

Medium shot of middle-aged teacher of mathematics standing at blackboard with equations written on it and explaining topic to students during lecture at university

Medium shot of multi ethnic group of students raising hands to answer questions asked by smiling middle aged female professor in glasses during lecture at university


Medium slowmo of young Muslim female student in hijab and face mask walking into lecture hall with other classmates greeting professor before lesson

Medium slowmo of bold mid-adult university professor in face mask tracking students attendance on laptop while they walking into auditorium before lesson

Confident university student discussing with a lecturer. Intelligent and motivated young man actively participating in classroom activity asking professor a question.

Male student raising his hand to answer a question from his teacher in a high school or college classroom

Dollying-in medium slowmo of contemporary mid-adult male teacher sitting at desk in bright classroom or auditorium and working on laptop

Medium slowmo portrait of confident male mid-adult university professor in smart casualwear with digital tablet in hands standing in big auditorium with students sitting in rows at desks in background

Portrait shot of beautiful young woman walk in sunny corridor of campus building. Female student or professor hold papers and laptop. Education concept. Study abroad. Cinematic real candid portrait


Close-up of unrecognizable male medical university professor giving lecture to group of multiethnic students in white coats holding skull model in hands

Medium slowmo of contemporary male university professor in smart casualwear walking along rows in big lecture hall helping students during seminar or test

Two women in white blouses having a conversation in a open library. Sitting at the wooden table with tablet and diverse papers on on it. Girl with stylish dreads explaining smth. Close up

Male professor teaching a young female student in her early 20s or late teens a complicated math or science lesson in a college or high school classroom

Medium shot of lazy male student in sports bomber jacket sleeping on desk in lecture hall or auditorium while his Mixed-race classmate poking at him with pencil to wake up as professor entering

Rear-view medium slowmo of high school or university students entering big auditorium and taking their seats while male mid-adult professor standing at blackboard preparing for lesson

male professor is examining students online by chat on laptop, asking and giving grades, distant learning in University, college and school

Middle aged female professor in glasses taking notes in notebook and talking to students when listening to their answers during lecture at university

High-angle slowmo of small group of young multiethnic university or high school students walking into big lecture hall while bold mid-adult professor writing topic of lesson on blackboard

Young student thinking about his essay at home

Tracking shot of focused male university professor writing math formula on blackboard

PAN medium slowmo of male mid-adult university professor writing topic of lesson on blackboard while group of multi-ethnic students walking into auditorium taking their seats before lesson


Group of excited diverse multiracial graduates in graduation gowns and mortarboards showing diplomas with pride, expressing happiness and joy while celebrating graduation day with academic staff.

Sequence of shots of disabled mature teacher in glasses discussing topic with group of students in science class