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Full shot of green coffee tree plantation and unrecognizable female farmer harvesting crops on hot summer day

Close up of branch swaying in wind of ripe red and unripe green coffee cherries on coffee farm in Indonesia

Midsection footage of unrecognizable person holding green leaf with just picked at farm coffee cherries

Medium close-up of young girl in pink shawl working on farm harvesting crops picking ripe red coffee berries from coffee tree

No people close-up of red and green fruit of coffee tree on branch at farm during harvest season


Happy Asian couple holding fresh fruit in the shop at farmer market

Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines 01-20-2020:A coffee farmer and coffee cherry

Negros Oriental, Philippines 01-20-2020: Workers operating coffee beans peeler.

Three young Indonesian girls working on coffee farm harvesting ripe coffee berries by hands smiling and having fun together

Tracking back-view footage of young female farmer carrying big heavy bucket full of just picked coffee cherries walking along thick green bushes in Indonesia

Close up view of freshy picked ripe and raw robusta coffee.

Hulling coffee bean in a coffee bean huller machine.

Female worker's hand washjng coffee beans recently hulled in a peeler machine.

Tracking medium front-view footage of girl working on farm carrying big bucket of ripe coffee berries smiling at camera while walking along harvesting coffee trees

Close-up of young Indonesian girls selectively picking ripe coffee cherries from tree on harvest season

Waist-up shot of young Indonesian girl wearing pink shawl and cap nimbly selecting and choosing ripe coffee cherries from tree on farm

Zoom-in footage of young Indonesian girls in shawls coffee cherries harvesting by hands working intensively together

Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines 01-20-2020: Worker sorting coffee cherry.

A farmer's hand sorting green coffee cherries from red and ripe ones.

Midsection footage of bucket with picked cherries attached to farmer waist while harvesting coffee tree manually

Robusta coffee cherries being hulled in a coffee peeler machine.

A worker's hand sorting freshly pick ripe robusta coffee.

Grunge and wrinkled hands of an old worker holding freshly harvest coffee.

A male farmer's hand segregating ripe and raw coffee berries.

Hulled and peeled coffee beans from coffee bean huller machine.

Medium back-view footage of young Indonesian female workers wearing shawls picking cherries from coffee tree in daylight

A worker's hands selecting ripe coffee berries for high quality coffee bean.

Ripe coffee cherries being processed in a coffee bean peeler pulper machine.

Hulling coffee beans in a machine. Close up shot.

Dirty and wrinkled old man's hand holding a freshly picked coffee cherries.

Medium portrait of young Indonesian girl in pink clothes and shawl standing among bushes looking at camera smiling holding big bucket of freshly picked by hands coffee cherries

Jute Grain Bags Falling

Dollying-out portrait of young girl with full bucket of picked coffee cherries standing among bushes looking at camera

Positive relaxed african woman agricultural scientist in eyeglasses and white coat holding tablet pc, taking a break and drinking coffee from thermo cup while standing in blossoming sunflower field.

front view caucasain adult woman standing near horse paddock fencing in rural area on the background mountains landscape