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Slow Motion Windy Green Flag

Tailoring individually to order in the studio. The tailor takes measurements with a centimeter for cutting fabric.

Collection of textile samples are spinning or rotation. Multicolor fabric texture background

Model on the catwalk during a fashion show in Kyiv, Ukraine

Designer and seamstress choose material for clothing

Sewing a leather material on the sewing machine, 4k

Textile, fabric texture


Close up view of hand holding Laundry capsules for washing with concentrated liquid detergent and powdered ingredients.

A young woman immersed in choosing fabrics, exploring textures in a Turkey fabric store.

Machine at textile factory. Weaving machine at factory. Fabric production. Textile industry

Close-up grey fabric knitted texture background.

Men's T-shirts on hangers at wardrobe

Close-up of beautiful modern carpet pattern. Scene. Beautiful carpet pattern on background of expensive interior of room. Carpet and wall

Slow Motion Windy Red Flag


Gentle woman strolling on nature enjoying cool summer morning close up. Serious attractive girl walking under wide trees green park alone.

Fabric Samples Of Different Colors In Move Are Spinning And Rotation: White, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Gray. Textile Textures Fabric Swatches

Slow Motion Windy Blue Flag

Front view of mixed race worker in factory

Fabric, cloth, textile texture

Close up footage of a woman sewing on sewing machine

Thread stretched vertically on the workbench


Small funny cat in halloween deer costume on the green walking in the park. Close-up of pretty kitty

Close-up aquamarine color fabric knitted texture background.

Women's Clothing Store: Sari Shopping in India. Colorful Wedding Sari Dresses Available.

Designer touch cloth before sewing, close up

Kyiv, Ukraine - model on the catwalk during a fashion show


Black textured paper animated background. Hand painted abstract image. High quality animation.

Textile background, fabric texture

Metalworking milling machine with water cooling system for optimal precision and efficiency. Technology concept


Top down view of messy table of creative professional, fashion designer drawing sketches of new model in notebook. Small business concept

businessman opening wardrobe doors chooses shirt morning at home apartment with big windows

Silky background, fabric background

Gray fabric cloth texture for background. Fashion designer at tailor working studio concept

Helsinki, Finland - 08 Sep. 2022: HABITARE Exhibition - Finland's Premier Furniture & Design Event. Solutions by Young Finnish Design Oy.

Vertical top view of female dressmaker in apron sitting at table and tailoring white cloth with black seams using sewing machine during workday at atelier

Fabric, canvas, textile texture video background

sewing machine sewing of clothes close up

Dressmaker cutting fabric, close-up

Beautiful scene of a mother and child preparing cassava in Africa


Silhouette of a person with dramatic pose in red lighting, conveying mystery and intensity.

Men working in garment factory sewing at machines, Sari garment factory, Rajasthan, India, Asia, MR

A working conveyor in a paper mill. Technology. Factory. Kyiv. Ukraine.

Fashion designer, tailor, and dressmaker personalize garments

background of satin fabric closeup

CU: Skilled girl designer measures and cuts black leather strips with special scissors on cutting mat closeup

Tailor. Man Hands notch tailor tailor's scissors cloth. Close Up


Happy young woman taking dress off and running into sea. Slim smiling brunette runs, turns in sea water waves. Fitted girl in bikini having


Close up of a shoemaker sewing a red leather by using a sewing machine according to the italian tradition. Concept: handmade, fashion, industrial, factory.