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the young man closed his ears,escaping from the loud sound


The girl closes her mouth with her hands. Pain and frustration of a teenager.

The politics in a suit closes mouth the hundred-dollar note

Close up of brunette girl with closed eyes

Portrait of hot female person staring at lens indoors. Closeup playful red hair woman showing hush sign on gray background. Sexy girl closing mouth with hand gesture in studio.

Macro slow motion: Man's mouth opens, yells and closes in closeup

Close-up portrait of young beautiful woman closing mouth with hands as crowd of people protesting at the background. Female Caucasian activist showing no freedom of speech gesture on demonstration.

Face of young man with closed eyes, guy sleep in bed

Macro close up of lips and closed eye

Pretty Young Woman Opening and Closing her Mouth

Portrait of shocked surprised caucasian young woman. She holding smartphone or cell phone in one hand, the other hand closing his mouth in amazement. Shoot on ARRI ALEXA.


Helpless oppressed young woman with bruises on face and mouth closed with hands looking at camera shaking head no. Portrait of desperate Caucasian victim of humiliation at black background.

Positive redhead girl whispering on friend's ear as sitting on bench on university yard. Joyful charming Caucasian students closing mouth with hand as laughing out loud. Rumors, gossiping friendship.

Shocked man waking up with alarm

Close up portrait of a young hipster man with a full beard saying A-OK with his left hand and smiling with his mouth closed. A real life emoticon in an outdoor setting with natural lighting and a unique expression.


Frustrated oppressed woman closing mouth with hand crying and looking at camera. Middle shot portrait of depressed scared Caucasian lady posing at black background. Human rights concept.

Portrait of young woman looking at her sides then making the silence gesture on orange background. Attractive brunette puts her finger close to the mouth. Slow motion footage

Portrait of three expressive women closing mouth, ears, and eyes while posing in studio together.

Closeup surprised girl acting on orange background. Portrait of happy female person looking at camera in studio. Euphoric woman closing mouth with hand indoors.


Portrait of scared young slim woman closing mouth with hands looking at camera. Beautiful abused Caucasian lady posing indoors. Tyranny and harassment concept.

Corruption, The person in a suit closed a mouth by the US dollars

Happy face cute little girl with long hair eyes closed charming child baby kid smile fun enjoy mouth hair young communication dialogue cute pretty portrait close up slow motion


Frustrated oppressed Caucasian young woman with mouth closed with Stop violence sign looking at camera. Portrait of abused victim of domestic tyranny with beaten face in bruises at black background.

Portrait of handsome man putting piece of food in his mouth close up. The client is satisfied with his dinner, he closes eyes and enjoys taste of food. Confident man rests in modern restaurant

Fatigue stressful young female model keeps hands on head, closes eyes and opens mouth in desperation, has terible headache, isolated over blue background. Tiredness and exasperation concept.

Closeup upset woman yawning on boring film indoor. Portrait of tired girl closing mouth with hand in movie theater. Disappointed lady looking movie in cinema.

Sensual young woman in glasses stands with closed eyes on the river bank on a windy autumn day and holds a blade of grass in her mouth. Slow motion

Portrait. Sick brunette woman in white t-shirt, closing her mouth with her fist. Showing gesture - cough, sore throat.

Man awakes from nap on couch

Close-up portrait of modern Muslim woman on hijab listening to unrecognizable friend. Surprised young lady closing mouth with hand and shaking head. Communication, friendship.

Kid Closes Palms His Mouth In Amazement

Teenage Caucasian son coming to smiling adult woman using phone and telling shocking news. Worried mother looking at boy and closing mouth with hand. Trouble, problem, communication.


Mature muslim woman in hijab looking around and feeling frightened, closing her mouth in shock, pink studio background

Front view of good-looking excited surprised adult couple which watching movie on laptop and closed their eyes and mouth from wonder from terrible scene on screen

Laughing handsome young 4 year old boy holding his fathers mouth closed outside during the spring in the daytime


Funny cute little shy girl laughing closing mouth with hands. Portrait of beautiful blond Caucasian child with grey eyes posing at yellow background having fun.

Close-up of mother's hands founding package with cannabis in backpack of child. Young Caucasian woman taking out marijuana and closing mouth with hand. Harmful habits, drugs, addiction, adolescence.

Middle shot of charming girl in headphones dancing robot dance with mouth closed with hand. Portrait of cheerful Caucasian young woman performing in city center on square. Modern arts, lifestyle.

Young guy wakes up from nap on couch

Pretty young woman snoring in bed

laptop mouth close cartoon illustration handrawn animation transparent back

Little cute girl in the dentist's office does not want to be treated, resisting and closing her mouth with her hands


Abused beaten woman with bruises on face turning to camera with mouth closed with Stop violence sign. Portrait of oppressed Caucasian victim of domestic tyranny posing on the right at black background.

Little cute girl in the dentist's office does not want to be treated, resisting and closing her mouth with her hands

Frightened nervous woman looking at gun on knees closing mouth with hands as blurred robber searching for money at background. Portrait of scared burglary victim sitting on couch indoors at home.

Man stretching and relaxing after finishing work on laptop

Close up of head of a big South American fresh water fish pacu, Colossoma Macropomum. Fish in aquarium keeps opening and closing its mouth

Macro Close-up of lips. Slow Motion, 120 fps. Young Woman is opening and closing her beautiful mouth.