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"clinician man"
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Doctor talking directly to the camera giving medical advice in a clinic or hospital as if he is doing a virtual house call via video chat to a sick patient

Male doctor explaining at computer - close

Male bearded doctor with tablet consult client.

Male doctor with good bedside manners comforting a female patient holding her hand with both of his hands in slow motion

Smiling happy male doctor or nurse winking and nodding at the camera inside a hospital or medical practice in slow motion

Male nurse or medical assistant recording information and results from a doctor doing a medical procedure on a female patient on a digital tablet

Three doctors, physicians, or surgeons looking at a clipboard collaborating on a case in a modern clinic or hospital during rounds

Two pharmaceutical manufacturing workers in white uniform control production process. Scientists working in laboratory. Medicine production equipment. Factory employee control pharma production

Doctor or nurse in a white lab coat checking blood pressure on a female patient - tilt up

Handsome male doctor checking an attractive blond female patient's blood pressure during a medical exam

Male doctor thinking in lab. Close up of lab doctor portrait. Portrait of scientist man in lab. Lab worker portrait. Thoughtful man scientist. Chemist thinking. Scientist thinking in laboratory

Male doctor explaining at computer - close

Portrait of scientist thinking in lab. Close up of serious scientist in laboratory. Laboratory worker thinking. Chemist thinking. Lab worker with serious expression of face. Scientist face

Smiling happy male doctor acting confused with open arms in a hospital or clinic in slow motion

Male bearded doctor consult client with tablet pc.

Male doctor performing telemedicine talking directly to camera and helping with joint pain in his hospital or medical clinic

Two happy doctors high five and give each other the thumbs up celebrating together in slow motion in a hospital or clinic

Good-looking satisfied respected male doctor hanging stethoscope over his neck and posing on camera with sincerely smile

Portrait of a male doctor, surgeon, or nurse wearing a protective face mask in a hospital or medical office in slow motion

Lab doctor teamwork in lab. Medical team doing microscope research. Doctors team using doctor microscope. Doctor microscope research. Medical scientist looking microscope

Portrait of a young handsome man shopping at the drugstore, examining products on the shelves. Attractive male customer buying medicine at the pharmacy. Health, medicine, consumerism.

Female doctor filling out patient medical records on a digital tablet health app in a hospital or clinical setting

Male scientist in lab. Close up of scientist man looking at liquid in glass flask at laboratory. Scientist analyzing substance in flask. Scientist working with liquid at research laboratory

Male doctor giving himself a high five and fist bump celebrating success in a hospital or medical clinic in slow motion

Doctor in mask looking down at patient checking his consciousness

Happy smiling medical assistant recording information on a digital tablet from a friendly male doctor during a procedure - tilt up dolly shot

Scientist writing down some data with pen. Scientist hands in gloves making notes. Portrait of male researcher working in science laboratory. Male microbiologist working in lab. Male lab worker

Two doctors looking at the same clipboard consulting and sharing ideas on a case in a hospital or medical clinic hallway

Male bearded doctor in clinic consult sick client with head injury.

Male bearded doctor in clinic gives reccomendations to client.

Attractive healthy woman patient discussing her medical history with her handsome male doctor in his office during an annual check up

Doctor Skeleton Scan

Doctors performing endoscopic procedure in hospital

Female doctor in clinic show x-rays to male patient.

Patient comparing health data on her phone with the medical records on her healthcare providers digital tablet and doctor's smartphone

Frustrated overworked doctor multitasking while being interrupted by other medical staff with digital tablets and folders while a female patient shows her frustration at being ignored

Doctor using micropipette in laboratory. Scientist working in lab. Clinician doing chemical research. Close up of chemist analyzing liquid sample. Lab man using modern laboratory equipment.

Close up shot of male african doctor writting on the board some formulas during lection in the young multi national intern in the conference room.

Clinician doctor man showing ok sign. Male smiling physician making sign ok with fingers on blurred background. Success in medicine.

Male doctor holding the hands of a female patient with both of his hands in his exam room showing compassion and kindness in slow motion

Portrait of smiling handsome bearded professional general practitioner.

Portrait of thoughtful lab worker in orange uniform. Closeup of confident scientist in orange protective suit and mask on face. Factory worker face mask

Scientists walking lab corridor. Pharmaceutical workers talking in laboratory corridor. Researchers talking in white corridor. Steady cam shot of scientists walking through laboratory corridor

Handsome male doctor showing an attractive female patient how to use a health app or sharing some medical information on a digital tablet during an examination

Doctors managing modern endoscope during medical procedure at hospital

Smiling mother with cute girl holding pills and medical form

Male bearded doctor in clinic offer good price for treatment.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment producing medicine ampoules. Factory worker control quality of pharma production process. Scientist in white uniform control factory medical production machine