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People in cocktail dresses at party applaud - clapping hands of people on dancing event

Applause clapping hands green screen

Satisfied proud business team clapping hands

Clapping hands over green screen

A slow motion of a crowd of fans at an evening music concert

A big crowd of music fans who are waving hands on an open air concert. The blurred stage on the background is very bright, sparkling with lights and concert illumination. Hands are moving rhythmically


Positive woman speaker presenting project to group coworkers in boardroom. Young team clapping hands greet leader presentation on whiteboard

Close-up of clapping hands of impressed people attending an impressing event. No visible faces.

Young man presenting coding, diverse group applauding

Applause, Close up shot of hands clapping on music festival, live show concert.

Team of business people gathering in office and clapping, raising hands up hands, gesturing with joy, smiling and feeling happy after succeeding in project. Concept of success

Positive doctor finishes speech at online conference, slow motion

High angle view portrait of joyful Caucasian men and their daughter relaxing on floor at home waving and clapping hands after fingerpainting


Toddler Boy Hide Behind Curtains Excited Kid Clapping Hands Plays Hide And Seek

Granny and grandpa play gamepad video games with granddaughter sits on sofa at home. They high five rejoices victory. Happy family spending

Elderly male business coach walking into meeting room while team of diverse people greeting him with applauds, then standing in front of audience, smiling and speaking

People silhouettes clapping hands, taking photos or recording videos of live music concert with smartphones at open air festival. Fans applause at favourite band performance.

Clapping hands over green screen

Close Up - Pan of two individuals clapping their hands outside - shot on RED

People in cocktail dresses applaud - close-up of clapping hands of people on dancing event


Excited Happy Baby Clapping Hands Hiding Behind Curtains

PAN shot of smiling people of different age and nationality sitting in circle and clapping hands to each other after successful group therapy session with female psychologist

A numerous audience at a music performance, shooting it on smartphones and clapping hands, we see back silhouettes

Close up of business people clapping hands in conference room

Celebrating Success: Smiling, Skilled Multicultural Colleagues in Office

Young woman clapping hands, applauding and pointing fingers at camera

Cheerful woman clapping hands over yellow background


Portrait of jealous indian woman mockingly clapping hands, isolated over studio background. Annoyed person rolling eyes and applauding in

The happy business team clapping hands at the meeting. slow motion

KENYA, KISUMU MAY 20, 2017:Big group of children, African boys and girls dancing, jumping, clapping hands in big room together.

Young Music Band Performing Live on Stage with Fans Applauding

Business partners clapping hands high five on multi racial conference meeting. Diverse managers team celebrating financial development in modern company office. Corporate teamwork happiness concept.


Joyful indian woman happily clapping hands, ecstatic about accomplishments. Excited person reacting to good news, cheering, applauding

Baby Clapping Hands Feeling Happy One Year Old Toddler Boy eating fruits

Senior male auctioneer standing by rostrum with mics, pointing at painting, calling out bid and clapping hands while selling it during art auction

Successful business team clapping hands

A young professional in focus - on a green screen - clapping with enthusiasm...

Portrait of a joyful person expressing happiness and appreciation

Excited children jumping and clapping hands


Excited Happy Baby Clapping Hands Hiding Behind Curtains 2

Front view of multi-generation family celebrating granddaughter's birthday at home 4k

African American positive man smiling, dancing, looking at camera over orange color background

Group of multi-ethnic politicians applauding to speech of senior female participant of international press conference

financial analyst and business planner team discussing new project in conference room - clapping hands


Adorable Baby Clapping Hands Excited Happy Toddler Claps


Happy granny granddaughter cook at home. Family senior grandmother teaching child girl baking cookies clapping hands laughing together on

Happy granny granddaughter cook at home. Family senior grandmother teaching child girl baking cookies clapping hands laughing together on

Close-up of a chef wiping flour from hands. Frame. Slow motion particles of dust. Clap chef. Chef clapping hands covered in flour. End of a