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Satisfied proud business team clapping hands

Business people in costumes standing in the row at the conference - clapping their hands

Woman hands applauding from balcony to support medical staff, health workers, doctors, nurses. Applause during Coronavirus pandemic

Business team celebrates success: Young professionals applauding a successful project


Smiling medical applauding someone in studio, celebrating success and cheering against greenscreen backdrop. Young nurse clapping hands and

Audience - spectators in the concert hall applauding the performance on stage

A young man smiles and nods in an urban area - a supermarket in the background

Business people standing in the row at the conference - clapping their hands - applause

Crowd of anonymous people holding hands up and having fun during amazing musical show

Close Up - Pan of two individuals clapping their hands outside - shot on RED

Fashionable girl with a clapboard is in the frame on gray background old wall


Full shot of Middle Eastern male research scientist talking about innovative discovery of new drug to doctors in white coats at medical conference, demonstrating slide on screen, audience clapping

Supportive Gesture by Young Woman of African Descent

A young woman claps and smiles at the camera - face closeup - neutral studio

Applause clapping hands green screen

Crowd at a concert cheering. Indoor festival nightlife.

Young freelancer enjoying music at library

Multiethnic business people listen, clap to happy middle aged male team leader speaking at modern loft office.

People viewers in a tv studio during tv recording

Young Catholics Supporting Their Church Team - School Gym

Happy creative business team celebrating success in office

The happy business team clapping hands at the meeting. slow motion

Business professionals applauding in contemporary office

Happy successful African American businessman claps hands together with colleagues, celebrating team success at meeting.

Work team applause leader at office building. Happy workers praise employee. Diverse colleagues group celebrating success support positive leader ceo. Smiling man director clapping encourage staff.

Multi-ethnic group of business people clapping hands after speaker finishing his presentation of new project

Business people communicate with gestures

Two joyful sisters embracing outside in autumn, with mother and grandmother in the background.

The adorable child playing with their wise grandparent. slow motion

Slow motion of each and every one in the big crowd being happy and excited with music beats. Applause agianst bright stage lights

A young woman smiles and applauds in front of an apartment building complex

People At Concert Jumping And Dancing To The Beat Of The Music

Closeup - Two men clap their hands together outside at a park - shot on RED

Woman clapping on the balcony

Male hands clapping near the window, close-up. Coronavirus pandemic, Respect and admiration for the work of doctors

Two partners, businessman shake hands. Group of people clapping on a background. Manager congratulates trainee promotion

Smiling women chatting at outdoor cafe, sharing good news

Delighted viewers applauding after great performance in the Circus of Dancing Fountains Aquamarine

An elderly man applauds and smiles at the camera - white screen studio

The happy business people sitting at the table and clapping hands. slow motion


Side shot of diverse group of people sitting on front row in audience at art gallery or museum, watching new painting being presented, then clapping

Hands making applause at sunset

Spectators on the concert hall applauding the performance on stage

Baby boy claps his hands

Slow motion shot of girl applauding among the crowd at the concert. Audience against bright stage lights

Happy Fans Dancing In Joy At Stadium

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - NOVEMBER 10, 2013: Focus on some people in the auditorium watching perfomance in the Circus of Dancing Fountains Aquamarine. They applauding and being satisfied

Clapping 3 green screen