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Unrecognizable lawyer's hand works with papers and law books in courtroom or office. Concept of justice and law, attorney or court judge

Time-lapse of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Time-lapse of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (4K)

Raised black man fist surrounded by darkness. The darkness begins to dissipate. Fist of african american, social justice and peaceful protesting racial injustice. Black Lives Matter, BLM


Racial Profiling Through Facial Recognition Tech, Bias in Surveillance

Lawyer attorney barrister law settlement in court magistrate judge gavel

Contract document Legal law conceptual for lawyer or barrister

The Statue of Justice. Lawyer working with papers and law books in courtroom or office. Concept of attorney or court judge, justice and law

Legal law conceptual Justice Scales and books and wooden gavel

Black Lives matter protest. People protesting angerly. Blacklivesmatter Crowd Protest Posters By Lacofilms Artlist 4 K



Racial Profiling Concerns in Advanced Facial Recognition Systems

Two multiracial women holding hands together and lift them up in mass protest against racism.

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial and Quote from famous "I Have a Dream" Speech

Court legal tax law system mallet of judge legal code of judgment


DO BETTER Sign at Rally

Demonstration of Black Lives Matter Protest .Black lives matter Protest Riot Crowd

Contractual document legally binding terms of conditions law conceptual

Legal law concept Judge's gavel and book on wooden background

voting, civil rights and people concept - concept - man putting his vote into ballot box on election

Activist movement protesting against racism and fighting for equality - Demonstrators from different cultures and race protest on street for equal rights - Black lives matter protests city concept

Scales of Lady Justice. Femida and law concept

African american man activist in medical mask with an inscription I CAN'T BREATHE looks at camera and closed eyes. Black Lives Matter, BLM, racial discrimination, mass protests in USA, Slow Motion

4K Close Up of Martin Luther King Junior Memorial

Activist holding anti-brutality sign in city, promoting equality

Law concept - Letter tiles judges gavel on table in a courtroom

Tourists and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC

Close-up of frustrated young man outdoors, equality concept.

Time-lapse of people in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial


A man registers to vote on his smartphone. Fictional screen interface simulated.

Youth Protesting Against Racism

Banners against racism lying on paving stones. Posters with slogans for human rights on the floor. Placards for protests against discrimination close-up.

Protest Crowd City Hall

Female Protester Wearing A Guy Fawkes Mask From V for Vendetta. Animal Rights Activist.

A man puts his mail-in ballot in the official envelope.

Editorial: Aylmer, ON, CA 11/2020: In an aerial view, a slow left-to-right pan captures protestors marching on the street, by Tim Hortons and a gas station

Young Activist Holding BLM Sign and Protesting

Angry activists protesters protesting in the city with posters, smoke bombs and fire flares.

Woman leader at protest shouting slogans into megaphone. Multiethnic activist people at city streets.


African American Woman Portait

Park Zuccotti after protests by Occupy wall street in the financial district in downtown Manhattan. Dolly shot

Hand voting in paper ballot by red pencil

Angry activists protesters protesting in the city with posters, smoke bombs and fire flares.

Portrait of black man with respect gesture outdoors in city, black lives matter concept.

Ballot Paper with Unfilled Vote Checkbox Place. Concept for voter registration and participation in elections. President impeachment in USA