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Woman has backache

Nervous young mixed race girl sitting on floor in bedroom.

Senior woman pouring capsules from glass bottles on hand.

Exhausted elderly mature woman suffering from strong head ache.

Hepatitis virus causing chronic disease illness - 3D rendering

Hopeless desperate young man suffering from bad negative depressive thoughts.

Diabetic man measures blood sugar level at home

Worried older mature man suffering from depression.

Mature woman is coughing on blurred background. Elegant business lady having cough at office. Dry cough concept.

A Woman at Home work feels an Albow Pain in her Arm

Hemodialysis medical equipment in action. Modern medical equipment concept.

Top view portrait of overburdened exhausted young Asian woman lying on couch rubbing temples. Sad stressed tired freelancer having migraine symptoms in home office. Overworking and burnout.

Traumatized unhappy lonely depressed woman putting hands on head felling vulnerable hopeless disappointed frustration suffering from break up mental problems, suicidal thoughts, chronic disease

Tired CEO businessman in office, close up taking off glasses after office work, relieve dry irritated red eyes, chronic computer syndrome, bad weak vision problem, depressed executive entrepreneur

Depressed man crying feeling loneliness, chronic fatigue

Diabetes. Diabetic woman measures blood sugar with a glucometer

Tired young female freelancer stretching neck sitting on bed indoors. Side view wide shot of Asian woman suffering pain on remote working sedentary lifestyle. Freelance and health care concept.


A man provides first aid to a friend with an epileptic seizure


Office syndrome concept. Close up shot of unrecognizable black woman massaging her painful wrist

Ill young woman suffering from severe migraine at home on New Year's eve. Side view portrait of beautiful Caucasian lady having headache on Christmas. Medical problems. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Middle shot of sad African American young man stretching back spasm sitting at table with laptop. Portrait of unwell millennial having chronic problems working in home office. Sedentary lifestyle.


Health and Ageing, Asian grandmother suffering with having an physical acute pains, sing hand massage on shoulder muscle with trying to move her neck, first aid concept, mobility limited condition

Frustrated young woman suffering from headache due to computer overuse.

African American young man stretching neck sitting at table in home office indoors. Portrait of serious professional handsome businessman working online on lockdown. Sedentary lifestyle and remote work.

Senior male patient sitting in doctor office talking with female therapist. Portrait of grey-haired bearded Caucasian man consulting physician in hospital indoors. Health care consultation and medicine.

Frustrated mature woman suffering from terrible head ache at home.

Tired young woman working on computer, feeling head ache.

A man measures the level of sugar with a glucometer. Close up blood sugar test

Concept of diabetes. Vial, sugar cubes and syringe of insulin

Close-up of senior bearded man putting on nebulizer indoors. Ill sad Caucasian retiree using inhaler for chronic respiratory disease treatment. Health care and medical prescriptions.

Close up young pretty woman is coughing. Attractive girl having cough on blurred background close up. Dry cough concept.

Close-up of young female hand on wheelchair wheel. Unrecognizable paraplegic Caucasian woman indoors. Disability and paralysis medical problems.

Woman with backache on a bed


Carpal tunnel syndrome. Unrecognizable shirtless african american man massaging painful wrist, blue studio background


Old man suffocating and suffering sharp chest pain. Isolated on white.

Depressed young biracial girl thinking of psychological problems.


A young man has a backache at a sedentary job

Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain. Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. Healthcare Concept.

Unhappy stressed middle aged granny having high blood pressure migraine.

Woman having nose ache. Lady touching her nose isolated. How to cure sinusitis.

Doctor making blood sugar test. Diabetes testing in clinic

Frustrated stressed woman having headache feeling sad depressed, offended, lonely, vulnerable suffering from heartbreak, grieving person with psychological problem suicidal thoughts, chronic disease

Doctor and patient examining lungs x-ray in hospital. African American man and Caucasian woman sitting at the table and talking. Physician consulting ill guy having respiratory disease or cancer.

Side view of stressed young woman having severe migraine. Beautiful red-haired Caucasian lady suffering from headache. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Health care and medicine.


Ill Middle Eastern man in hard hat holding chest having symptoms of heart attack stroke as Caucasian coworker running to colleague looking around searching help. Medicine and health care at warehouse.

Breakdown depressed worried hopeless man with tears sitting on couch crying feeling exhausted frustrated stressed suffering from break up, anxiety chronic disease bipolar disorder mental problem.

Tired young bearded man from the Middle East wearing stylish watches and casual clothes is experiencing severe headache, irritation, tension and powerlessness.

Close-up face of exhausted man rubbing temples having migraine symptoms. Headshot portrait of African American overwhelmed guy with headache suffering pain in home office indoors.