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Calendar Flipping

Holiday glow Counter

Plexus creative Countdown

Holiday sparkle Counter

2019-2020. New Year concept. Set of digital countdown timer. Flip number counter template for 2019-2020 countdown

Illumintaion of the christmas tree at night. Christmas lights. Magic atmosphere.

Creative Plexus Countdown

Countdown With flicker

Happy young family celebrating Christmas in colourful fun shaped glasses in front of a decorated Christmas tree counting down to let of small handheld fireworks as they laugh and joke

Happy cheerful man in Christmas hat counting from three to one, laughing and dancing, celebrating holiday

Cute girl in santa's hat counting to five on hand at white background

21. 01. 2017 - Kiev, Ukraine. Santa's residence. Glowing Christmas lights in motion.

Creative Modern Countdown

3d render animation of Extremely closeup of Flip countdown timer of year. Happy new year. Countdown timer. Mechanical scoreboard of counter of elapsed time.

Two women find revenue in a new year supermarket on the background of Christmas decorations.

Liquid Countdown 1080p

21. 01. 2017 - Kiev, Ukraine. Christmas celebration in the downtown. Plenty of people. Stage and large screens.

21. 01. 2017 - Kiev, Ukraine. Hanging leds above the people. Christmas celebration.

Lights on the tree. Blured lights close-up.

Christmas party planning. Happy senior woman in santa hat counting guests on holidays, pink background

Camera focusing on a christmas tree. Blurred flashlights turning into a christmas tree.

Blured hanging lights. Slightly moving lights.

Illumination of a star on top of a christmas tree. Flashing lights. Dark in the background.

Two women with money in their hands dancing on the background of Christmas trees.

Illuminted christmas tree and the city. Decorated tree with flashlights.

Candy and sweets on the Shop Counter at Christmas time in Brusseles, Belgium

Buying Christmas ornaments in shop. The buyer counts and gives the money to the seller and receives in return a basket of Christmas balls.

21. 01. 2017 - Kiev, Ukraine. Plenty of people passing through christmas lights. The boy is pulling the lights wire.

Glowing blue lights. Cold background.

21. 01. 2017 - Kiev, Ukraine. Decorated ice rink with plenty of people. Illuminated city in the background.

Defocused yellow lights. Bright lights close-up.

The woman transfers to the seller money and the seller gives a woman a box of Christmas decorations.

Close up of kitchen counter decorated with christmas ornaments and cooking utensils. Empty room with couch and holiday decorations for celebration. Nobody in space with sofa and tree

Young mother and excited boy counting Christmas presents on his fingers

The woman transfers to the seller money and the seller gives a woman a box of Christmas decorations close-up.

Lighting of a Christmas tree with sound

The girl counts the money and gives the seller in shop Christmas ornaments.

Young mother helping her little boy counting on his fingers on Christmas eve

The girl counts the money and gives the seller in shop Christmas ornaments.

The woman-seller of the store with bundles of money in the hands rejoicing in the eve of Christmas sales.

Blured night city. Blured city background.

Close up of woman pouring tea from kettle at home in festive decorated kitchen for christmas spirit. Cooking utensils and cup with hot drink sitting on counter for dinner preparations

Festive young woman pouring tea from kettle in cup at home with christmas decorations and ornaments. Close up of kitchen utensils on counter while preparing for holiday festivity

Close-up girl gets Christmas decorations in the store. The woman gives the money for the purchase of Christmas decorations.

Woman pouring cup of tea from kettle on kitchen counter while holding mug in hand at home. Young adult enjoying christmas season with hot beverage for cozy winter atmosphere and celebration

Couple sitting in the outdoor cafe and talking about something, steadycam shot