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Slow motion shot of a make osteopath examining the woman patient complaining about the pain. He raising her arm to find the problem

Female chiropractor osteopath doing manipulation, mobilization of spine in spa after massage. Asian physiotherapist treating injured back

Woman getting painful therapy at osteopath appointment. Manual therapist adjusting neck to release woman from pain and headaches

Slow motion shot of a woman receiving manual therapy in the clinic, as she complaining about backache

Therapeutic Neck Adjustment: Osteopath Helps Relieve Pain and Muscle Tension

Relaxing Back Massage for Pain Relief and Stress Reduction

Professional male massage therapist making deep compressions to affect the female body. Massage therapy to treat old injures, lessen muscle tension and reduce stress

Asian Female chiropractor treating the spine of female client in spa

Close-up shot of a professional manual therapist adjusting neck as the patient was complaining about pain and muscle tension

Body healing and restoration with professional massage therapy, Woman getting neck massage to release pain