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Relaxed man chilling on sofa at home closeup. Carefree gentleman sitting on couch looking at distance in living room zoom out. People lifestyle concept

ZAPORIZHYA, UKRAINE - October 13, 2022: Couple sitting on sofa together, watching movie or TV series on Netflix streaming service with snacks, soda, and pizza. Man and woman chilling resting at home.

Couple sitting and lying on couch in cozy living room, watching action movie on TV or criminal blockbuster on streaming service, chilling at home in spare time. Home theater in modern apartment.

Happy african american couple chilling at home on a couch, surfing on a tablet and playing console

Relaxed man sitting on sofa at home. Carefree guy chilling on cozy couch at weekend enjoying pastime alone. Free time concept

Man browsing internet on laptop and chilling at home

Wide shot of a black african girl chilling at home alone

Woman in bed with blanket, dealing with cold season and flu symptoms

Woman with a cold resting at home. Lady feeling unwell in her apartment. Female experiencing discomfort and unhappiness.

Young couple relaxing at home, using technology


Young couple drinking wine from bottle, smoking cigarette and chatting while chilling in bedroom at home

Sick woman with cold using blanket for wamth at home. Shivering person having fever and chills, sitting wrapped in cover to cure coronavirus infection with cup of tea and medicaments.

Relaxing adult man chilling on bed at home in night time and using remote control to watch TV alone

Cheerful Latin couple enjoying funny online content at home

Couple sitting on couch together in living room with modern design, watching medicine breaking news on TV about moneypox and vaccine development. Spouses spending weekend and chilling at home.

Couple sitting on sofa in living room, watching breaking news, eating pizza and chips. Wife and husband resting and chilling at home at night on weekend together. TV live broadcasting.

Slow motion of a calm young woman enjoying music with headphones at home in the evening


Young woman using mobile phone, smiling and chatting with boyfriend while chilling together on bed in evening at home

Curly woman relaxing on couch and using tablet at home

Queer person chilling at home sitting on a bath in african uganda

Pensive man looking at something on laptop and chilling at home, steadycam shot

Man drinking hot tea on couch at home. Guy covered in blanket feeling cold. Concept of healthcare and illness.

Relaxed Caucasian couple chilling on comfortable sofa in front of TV spending leisure time together at home

Slow-motion close-up of unrecognizable woman chilling in bed at home using smartphone

Close up of cheerful guy in headphones chilling on couch in living room at home. Young Afro American man choosing song on smartphone

Multiethnic group of people having fun together at home, enjoying beer bottles and snacks. Talking about memories and laughing, having conversation and relaxing at chill gathering. Handheld shot.

Two young adults relaxing at home: Man on phone, woman on tablet

Relaxed stay at home worker enjoying himself, watching videos on chroma key mock up smartphone green screen. Chilled out man laying up on

Couple sitting on sofa in living room, watching breaking news, drinking tea. Wife and husband resting and chilling at home in leisure time after workday together. TV live broadcasting.

Diverse people talking and bonding together at home, having fun with bottles of beer and laughing. Making memories and chatting about friendship positivity, chill casual hangout.

Relaxed Young Woman Chilling on Couch After Work in Evening

Charming man chilling on couch and holding digital tablet at home in evening. Young African American watching comedy movie and laughing in

Couple sitting on sofa, watching breaking news, movie or series on TV with chips and pizza. Wife and husband resting and chilling at home at night together. Green screen. Chromakey. Home theater.

Happy Young Couple Enjoying Quality Time Together at Home

Multiracial husband and wife eating popcorn from bowl and watching movie while chilling on couch in weekend evening at home

Young woman with disability relaxing at home, enjoying music on smartphone with wireless headphones

Expectant Woman Touching Belly on Couch at Home

Asian female eating noodles from plastic jar and watching TV while chilling on couch in evening at home

Young couple enjoying quality time together on a cozy sofa

Slow-motion shot of young woman with dreadlocks working on drawing tablet at home

Two diverse male friends chilling together at home playing video games and vaping

Woman browsing social media with headphones, relaxing at home. Resting, stress relief, happy face in living room.

Bearded adult men chilling on sofa at home and using gamepads while playing videogame and looking excited

Newlyweds enjoying quality time at home. Young couple relaxing on the couch. Joyful man lifting wife in the air. Positive family bonding in cozy apartment.

Arab man lounged on cozy sofa, watching news broadcast while relaxing at home after hard day at work. Muslim person chilling on couch

Couple sitting on sofa in living room, talking, watching breaking news, movie or series on TV. Wife and husband resting and chilling at home in the evening together. Green screen. Chromakey.

Woman Turns on TV, Grabs Popcorn, Ready to Watch Movie on Couch

Bearded man playing guitar for partner at home. Married couple chilling together.