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Man changing a burnt out light bulb

changing to energy effecient lightbulb

4K Dark man silhouette walking to light in tunnel. Back view. Abstract background shot. Better future. Concept of hope.

Tunnel in the clouds to supernova

Woman watches man changing the light bulb

Climate change, northern lights in the south

Slow monotunous background. Sudden white lights. Lights mixing

Earth Yearly Evolution - loop

Particle Cyclone Effect

Bright Sun To Dark Clouds Timelapse

mystical tree background. beams of light. trees of life background

Classic Light Leak in 4k render. Light leaks effect background animation stock footage. Lens light leaks flashing.

Time lapse of a magical sun rays shining through the clouds against a mountain backdrop during sunset

Time lapse of sun setting down with red sky

Check engine light symbol that pops up on dashboard when something goes wrong with the engine. Amber blinking engine failure indicator light Flashing engine management light.

Smart device, voice interacting with smart lighting. Smart device respond to a command to change colour of the lamp. Turning lamp on and off through device. 4k video

Aerial hyper lapse of cars on freeway and highway with lights in heavy traffic during rush hour.

Splitting of Parallel Earth or Parallel Universes Timelines Alternate Worlds Full HD

muddy water background

Loopable Gradient Background

Chaotic Abstract Blue Lines

silhouette of woman opening window blinds and looking outside

Rainy day, wet road and car light reflection

Change A Flickering Analog Tv Signal With Bad Interference

Sun Burning Bright Day To Night Transition

Professional cinema 35 mm film projector in action, slow motion video

Focus Forest Change

Blurred yellow stains. Blurred abstract bright lights.

Lights and Clouds Changing Timelapse

Crosswalk indicator goes from walk to don't walk 4k

Layer Retro Colorful Transition. 5 pack

After Effects CS4 Template: Shimmering Light Logo

Light Energy Background Loop

Chaotic Abstract Gold Lines

Forest during fall with sun shining through the trees

Video with blurred effect on iridescent colors that change regularly with the passage of time.


Forest tree environment producing oxygen from CO2 mitigating global warming

Fire light streaks

Earth globe with night map of earth slow rotates around its axis on center of composition, seamless animation of digital world on dark gradient background

Intersection light changing from red to green pan shot 4k

Closeup microphone metallic mesh in changing light


Climate change global warming rain forest plants making oxygen (O2)

Clouds And Smoke Swarm Sunny Sky Time Lapse

Earth globe with transparent night map of earth slow rotates around its axis, seamless futuristic technology animation of digital world with light effects on deep blue gradient background

Earth globe in night time slow rotates and surrounded by digital noise, seamless futuristic technology animation of digital world with light effects on galaxy background

The movement of the sun with sides and rays falling on the lens. Light leaks flare from sunlight on the black background.

4K timelapse of blue sky white clouds. Soft white clouds form. Blue sky white clouds move swim quickly and change shape.

The girl hangs a ceiling lamp in the room.