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A cargo train passes by.

Handheld shot of cargo train moving under bridge. Close-up of locomotive railway running on track. Rail vehicle during sunny day. High quality 4k footage

Aerial shot of a big cargo train transporting coal.

Aerial video shot of cargo train passing trough the salt lakes desert in USA.


Aerial hyperlapse drone view on the Cologne Eifel Gate intermodal transportation from road on train. Loading bay. arge-scale transshipment

Top view of Slowly moving cargo train on railways.

Aerial view of cargo train crossing near city

large industrial train depot, shipment and logistics over rail road track.

PITTSBURGH, PA - Circa January, 2018 - A slowly forward rising aerial establishing shot of the skyline of Pittsburgh as a cargo train passes in the foreground. Heinz Field in the distance.

Drone wide view of cargo train crossing near city

Railway cargo train wagon rides on railroad. Transportation and delivery of cargo in containers. Aerial view over train riding near river and coal power plant.

PITTSBURGH - Circa September, 2020 - A large cargo train passes by on a late summer day. Grasses in the foreground. With audio.

SEWICKLEY, PA - Circa February, 2023 - A cargo train pulls tanker cars traveling southbound along the Ohio River near Pittsburgh. The Sewickley Bridge in the distance.

Odesa, Ukraine - 12. 07. 2021: Cargo train loaded with black coal moving out of sea port. Aerial drone view.

PITTSBURGH - Circa May, 2017 - A rising aerial view of the skyline of Pittsburgh, PA while a cargo train passes by in the foreground.

Cargo Train Passing Over a Level Crossing with Vehicles

A cargo train driving past a rural American town

02. 08. 2017, Odessa, Ukraine. Cargo train platform with freight train containers. Transport, shipping, import, export.

Moving cargo train with empty brown wagons. Aerial top view.

Aerial view of cargo train slowly riding through EBJ Union station. Backwards flying drone following railway corridor. Skyline with skyscrapers in background. Dallas, Texas, US

Aerial top down view of cargo train crossing city

Image of freight train carrying freight on its own track, freight train passing through wooded area

Cargo train in motion Loaded with black coal. Top view from above. Freight train transporting coal by Railway

Aerial top view of cargo train depot. Empty train wagons.

Freight cargo train moves past platform

Empty Cargo Train going over Bridge on Main River in Frankfurt am Main with Skyscraper Skyline view, Early morning, Aerial sideways left

Empty cargo train wagons at sea port depot. Aerial drone view.

MONACA, PA - Circa April, 2017 - A daytime aerial reverse view of a cargo train traveling on a railroad bridge over the Ohio River in Western Pennsylvania.

Aerial video shot of cargo train passing trough the salt lakes desert in USA.

Stocker with camera on tripod taking video of cargo train running in countryside. Winter scene

Passing Train in Western Pennsylvania

Slowly moving cargo train fully loaded with black coal. Aerial top view from drone.

Cargo train crossing bridge at sunset in Riga, Latvia. Stunning transportation logistics video.

An overhead shot of a cargo train passing slowly below.

LEETSDALE, PA - Circa February, 2017 - Driving along side a cargo train on Route 65 just north of Pittsburgh on an overcast winter day.

Cargo Train Stopped at an Asphalt Processing Plant

Aerial view of cargo train at winter time. Delivery concept.

freight cargo train crossing rail bridge. Logistics and transportation concept.

A cargo train is carrying coal through the woods

Cargo train loaded with coal or other black mineral. Aerial top high view from the drone.

Aerial video shot of cargo train passing trough the salt lakes desert in USA.

Banff town and glacier mountains aerial view with cloudy sky

ROCHESTER, PA - Circa September, 2017 - A forward high angle rising aerial establishing shot of a cargo train traveling over a railroad bridge in Western Pennsylvania. The Ohio River is in the distance.

Cargo train passing under the bridge aqueduct de roquefavour France aerial view

Cargo Train Bird's Eye View Departing a Station

Train wagons carrying cargo containers for shipping companies. Distribution and freight transportation using railroads. Cargo train parked near the docks.

Big Cargo Train Passing by along Los Angeles River on Blue Sky Sunny Day in Slow Motion

A freight train carrying coal. Clip. A cargo train passing fast on a small bridge above the dirty river, concept of transportation.