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Man tying a tie at boutique

Elegant salesman presenting new car to potential buyer in showroom

Elegant salesman inviting potential buyer to get in the car in showroom. Slow motion. Shot on Red cinema camera

Cheap Vs Expensive Arrow Save Money 3 D Animation

Stylish woman choosing new model of modern car at dealership

a young man looks at clothes in a mirror, places his sweaters on hangers, he wants to buy new clothes for his wardrobe in an expensive boutique

Female jeweler showing beautiful set in a box to her customer. Attractive businesswoma talking to shop assistant while buying expensive jewelry. Retail, beauty, lifestyle conept

ZAPOROZHYE, UKRAINE, JANUARY 18, 2018: Elegant salesman presenting new Mercedes Benz car to potential buyer in showroom

Cropped close up of a happy loving couple smiling trying on pearl necklace at the jewelry store lifestyle consumerism luxury living shopping shopper buying purchasing expensive celebrate

Successful Man wearing a jacket at boutique

Buyer paying with credit card for car in showroom then receiving key

Portrait of a young charming woman finding herself new clothes in a expensive boutique. She is reading tags and choosing.

Dubai, UAE - January 18, 2018: tourist family walking in famous gold souk in Dubai city UAE. People walking inside gold store with traditional arabian architecture and expensive jewelry showcases.

Sliding close up shot of a gorgeous red haired young woman smiling happily looking at the expensive diamond necklace at the jewelry store emotions luxury consumerism buying shopping retail

Elegant salesman presenting new car to potential buyer in showroom

Slow motion of elegant salesman presenting car to potential buyer in showroom. Shot on Red cinema camera

Frustrated Upset Shopper Looking for Gifts Expensive Pricing

Handsome Man wearing suit at clothing store

Attractive woman asking her friend to appreciate a ring she wants to buy

Interior of men's clothing store. Men's suits. Men's shirts. Expensive boutique. Buying clothes in a boutique.

a young and pretty woman wants to buy fashionable clothes, a stylist with a backpack on her back examines clothes on a hanger, a lady is in an expensive boutique

Stylish man is choosing new automobile walking around luxury car and touching it in car dealership. Rich people, transportation and business class vehicles concept.

Young woman smiling, trying on diamond ring, shopping at jewelry store. Attractive female customer putting on a ring, choosing jewelry to buy. Retail, sales, holiday discount concept

Salesman giving key to new owner after presentation while sitting inside new car in showroom

Happy woman smiling, trying on diamond ring for sale at the jewelers. Cropped shot of a cheerful woman smiling joyfully, while putting on an expensive ring. Holiday shopping concept

Sale assistant helping young woman to choose jewelry at luxury jewellery boutique. Warsaw-Poland-2020

Prada store in Las Vegas 4k

Woman choosing between two diamond rings at the jewelry store. Cropped shot of a gorgeous elegant woman holding two precious rings, deciding which to buy

Unknown Caucasian man taking off bottle of red wine from shopping basket and showing it at camera. Unrecognizable adult male buyer bragging his choice in liquor store. Lifestyle, joy, leisure.

Adult businessman giving credit card for payment to manager and taking car key in office in showroom

Entrance to Prada store on Las Vegas Blvd 4k

Rear view of cute girls looking at store display

Prada store in Las Vegas establishing tilt shot 4k

Elegant young woman trying on a necklace at the jewelry store. Cropped shot of a female customer wearing silver necklace, smiling joyfully. Consumerism, buying, purchase concept

Man wearing suit at clothing store

Portrait of a smiling salesman dressed in a business suit meeting visitors at a car dealership. The girl is going to meet buyers between the rows with expensive luxury vehicles. Car dealership.

Woman looking on her purchase in the outdoor cafe, steadycam shot

View through front glass of happy kissing parents and chatting with content children sitting in new bought car in showroom. Movement stabilized 4k shot.

Young woman looking in the showcase at the jewelry store. Beautiful female customer looking excited, examining jewels for sale on the display. Purchase, consumerism concept

Man in a new suit at clothing store

Close up of a beautiful sad woman looking unhappy and disappointed posing with an expensive diamond necklace not able to afford the purchase jewelry store buying money credit loan

Man looks at the quality of a jacket in a clothing store

Beautiful young woman looking thoughtfully at the new car while choosing automobile to buy at the dealership showroom thinking doubting consumerism buying retail purchase luxury drive

Attractive woman comes to jewelry store and talking to young seller consultant about buying something

Woman checking her purchase in the cafe, steadycam shot

Buying an expensive car. A stack of money in exchange for a car. Manager sells the car. Buying a car in the salon.

Woman examining beautiful necklace in a jewelry box, shopping at the jewelry store. Cropped shot of a female customer choosing jewelry to buy. Consumerism, lifestyle concept

Excited girls looking at big shop display oudoors