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Hands of travel agent handing over a passport and tickets at a travel agency. Agent issues tickets for vacation.

Upset man calling mobile at office workplace. Stressed manager thinking problems leaning chair. Frustrated businessman ponder financial personal issues covering face with hands. Work overload concept

Businessman considering work problems analyze computer reports in office closeup. Pensive ginger man looking laptop screen watching online streaming blog. Professional manager thinking solving issues.

Thoughtful businesswoman reading news portrait. Worried sad woman thinking problem solution closeup. Serious girl purses lips considering issues alone. Pensive female person making hard decision

Respectable formally dressed businessmen commuticating at lunch in cozy city restaurant. Old man with gray hair and younger partner eating, discussing issuses of mutually beneficial cooperation

Young craftsman discussing prosthetic leg socket with colleague

Man with glasses conducts negotiations talks and conducts a job interview or discusses issues with a woman sitting at a table. Business meeting of a man and a woman, a dialogue between two partners

Worried manager sitting at night workplace looking laptop monitor close up. Overwhelmed businessman work late evening. Bearded office worker

Focused man in glasses using tablet. Young businessman handling weekend work at home. Remote work, freelance, dedication.

Close up business couple walking together at street. Stylish business partners discussing work outdoors. Confident businessman and woman talking together outside.

Woman Feeling Regret Covering Face With Hand Ashamed


Chest up footage of senior bearded Biracial attorney in suit and glasses speaking on mobile with customers and clients discussing legal issues and peeking through blinds in office

Stressed manager talking cellphone dealing business problems. Client hold papers complaining about poor service argue with bank colleague. Annoyed mad businessman throw documents. Man resolving issues

AI-generated shot of humanoid robot and mature man discussing business issues


Indian businessman busy of office work sitting open close up. Portrait mixed race man employee creating business ideas solving issues.


Side footage of senior Biracial attorney in grey suit having phone conversation with clients discussing legal issues and documents during workday at law firm

Travel agency manager issues tickets for traveling to other countries abroad. A girl gives a ticket to man for an airplane flight with a passport. Flight booking, travel, traveler get tickets

Portrait of young Businessman getting bad news on Smartphone Outdoors

Asian man and woman discuss life issues in morning park

A female researcher standing in botanical garden, exploring plants.


Joyful man speaking cell phone on sunny green street close up. Smiling businessman calling smartphone in park enjoy conversation.

Stressed man calling cell in jet closeup. Nervous businessman on business travel solving problems. Confident boss looking airplane window having cellular connection issues. Male professional concept.

Group of four businesspeople in formalwear sitting at table in dark lamp-lit office, discussing ideas, business issues and drinking coffee over papers with graphs and charts, looking confused

Positive confident businesswoman and senior businessman discussing work issues during meeting at office, business concept

Reporter presents small businesses struggle during economics crisis with logistics or products distribution. Journalist gives information


Young businessman solving work issues. Male talking by phone and making notes. Man looking at laptop monitor and communicating by phone

Tilt-up slowmo of team of professional male and female lawyers having conference in glass office room discussing legal issues

News anchor discuss latest events live on tv program, creating broadcast reportage with daily issues and headlines. Man journalist

Man with glasses conducts negotiations talks and conducts a job interview or discusses issues with a woman sitting at a table. Business meeting of a man and a woman, a dialogue between two partners

Man with physical disability in wheelchair discuss working issues with colleagues. Teamwork of successful diversity multi ethnic people in modern office. Friendly cooperation, mutual help at work.

Stressed businesswoman looking solution in suit closeup. Tired manager thinking work problems taking off glasses. Serious woman ceo contemplating on business career issues. Divorcing lady concept.


Financial manager talking cell phone on business district sunny morning close up. Serious businessman discussing work by smartphone outdoors

Business interaction

Two modern male colleagues wearing protective masks going together to office room discussing some business issues

Experienced engineer in data center fixing network issues affecting server performance and connectivity, leading to slow transfer rates and

Curious researcher in botanical garden, examining plants.


High angle security camera footage of diverse male and female corporate employees strolling, talking on mobile phone, discussing business issues next to office building aentrance

Collaborative office work: Young man and woman consulting a project

A group of male and female business people with computer in an office, discussing issues.


Closeup tanned director examining business papers outdoors. Brunette manager with moustaches reading contract at urban walls background

Displeased embarrassed concerned woman in her early 30s looking around outside

Group of diverse people in work process. Multiethnic men and woman discussing work issues while standing together in light room of office.


Stressed Young Startup Team Solving Issues with Order Fulfillment

Business Becomes Them

Two professionals having a casual morning chat, climbing stairs in a glass business center. Teal and Orange style. Wide UltraHD.

Tired manager drinking whiskey in office. Stressed woman relaxing with alcohol alone. Depressed ceo freelancer feeling sad considering personal health issues. Thoughtful businesswoman overworking.


Closeup of experienced bearded Biracial executive in glasses and suit having phone conversation with business partner and discussing work issues in modern office

Medium section of unrecognizable Black man and his Caucasian female co-worker standing outdoors in evening discussing some issues